Ones to watch: Claudia Ligari

A few days ago I visited Blow to check out the newest collection of Italian born designer Claudia Ligari and I was very pleased with what I found. Simple, sheer, lightweight crepes and hammered silks mixed with leather and pvc are exactly the materials I’m craving now, plus the color palette “a triumph of darkness with nude accents” ensure a look that is as minimal as it is resolutely individual. 

Her SS11 collection refuses to conform and presents pieces that are boldly exposing unexpected areas of flesh. Garments, seemingly, transforming when viewed from different angles.  Everything very simple and yet very twisted. From the pleated sheer trousers to all the skeletal cage items there are quite a few pieces that I have found myself obsessing about. Don’t you agree?

Which is your favourite piece from this collection? 

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    I'm obsessed + so inspired.

  2. oh yes what an amazing styling! I'm impressed
    and clothes are awesome too

  3. passata a lasciarti un salutino…
    spero il nuovo anno sia cominciato alla grande. un bacione grosso grosso iole

  4. Great clothes, great model!

    juliet xxx

  5. so so good!! love those sheer trousers!

  6. this is great… diggin the creepers

  7. Totally agree with you!

  8. I will follow you until the end of my days because of your finds! This is amazing, I especially love the contrast between the skin tone and strong black. Shock is the new black!

  9. I love the dress in the second photo but the whole collection looks amazing.

  10. I am acutally loving the nudes and I like how it's slashed.

  11. this is really fantastic. i love it. thanks for sharing. love how you post so many unique things- that i never see elsewhere. you find the hidden gems ;)
    hope you're having a good weekend dear


  12. L O V E these.

    Those brow, god don't you wish you had those brows!!

    Favourite, the dresses with innovative seam placement- I'm sold!!


    come follow me at

  13. So glad I found your blog + thanks for the comment. You have flawless taste and a wonderful aesthetic, I will be following and checking back regularly!
    This collection is stunning.

  14. Absolutely amazing blog. I'm subscribing now!

  15. wow gorgeous looks!

    I love the pink sheer pants with the black croptop/bralette



  16. The sheer caramel pants!!! Thank you so much for sharing- I want every garment :D

  17. Definitely! I'm in love the cropped black bustier top! So sexy and understated but chic! Nude and black is always a winner combination! xoxoxoo

  18. So how's your weather?? Finally picked up my copy of Sang Bleu 5. Will be posting some of my favourite bits later x

  19. Hahha, that's so cool that they all wear fur boots! I hope you have a really nice time!

    Love Iben

  20. obsessed with nudes right now!
    great post love.

  21. Thanks for your nice words!

    juliet xxx

  22. Gorgeous pieces! I love the sheer trousers.

  23. adoring those pants. I like how sheer they are and the exact shade of them.
    Hope you are having a good weekend

  24. I love all these different pieces, the sheer pants are just sublime!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  26. Love the last beige dress!

  27. thank you very much to all of you!!!!!and thank you Betty!!!!collection will be out in London from next week @127brick lane!

    Claudia Ligari


  28. wow, I love how a simple effect of a strip of fabric highlights the a certain part of the body. I really like that straight black dress with the the strip on each side =)

  29. love the nude mesh trousers.

  30. i love her!!!!

    xx Marina

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