Rachel Freire SS11 | The girl I never was

New collection from Rachel Freire, the designer that claims to be “an artist in wolf’s clothing”.
Besides being a fashion designer, she designs amazing costumes and concept clothing.  Visit her site - www.rachelfreire.com - to discover all her crazy creations. 

About her works she says:

“My aim is to create worlds which don’t yet exist. Juxtapose things which do not make sense until you cannot deny that they mesh, play with disgust and the terms on which you are willing to see things. You cannot deny something is beautiful even when you look closely and then see something which freaks you out. Go with your gut.”

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  1. Third pic down- I need that capelet in my life!

  2. the first picture is my favorite. the dress is fantastic: the details, color, stitches, everything…
    just amazing !

  3. beautiful pictures, the clothing is draped so interestingly!



  4. Ohmygod, those wing/shoulder pad things are… TO DIE FOR. I swear, I'd wear them everywhere if they were mine haha

  5. such an amazing photoshoot- and i love the pieces and the styling.
    thanks for always sharing unique things- such a great blog
    have a good week

  6. Love all the textures here. Great pictures!


  7. amazin post here my dear!

    so much of art:)

  8. LOVE the flowing fabric and ragdoll poses….oh and the gorgeous belts/belt bags.

  9. I love her work!
    She's amazing!

  10. these photos are EPIC! i love how dramatic the models are posing – it makes everything look just beautiful!

  11. Stunning pics!

  12. Fantastique!!

    The picture were you see the whole figure in the parking garage is so amazing!!

    Love, love, love it :)

  13. The leather belt and bag wear looks tasty. Had it not been for her name on the title of post- I wouldn't have recognised this collection was by Rachel Freire.

  14. oh. my. that first dress is so stunning i have lost all ability to express myself.

  15. this shoot is accessorized soo well!
    i like it!

  16. this shoot is accessorized soo well!
    i like it!

  17. Mi piacerebbe molto fare le stesse photo.

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