Today’s style fav | 01.04.2011

LURVE magazine 
Model: Abiah Hostvedt

pht: Vicky Trombetta

styling: Matthew Josephs

Abiah wears from top:

// “spider hat” by Nasir Mazhar, top and boots by Gareth Pugh (stylists own) shorts by Cassette Playa
// coat by Thomas Tait, gloves by Gareth Pugh f/w 08 (stylists own) shorts by Cassette Playa, tights from Fogal, Boots Gareth Pugh Homme f/w 09 (stylists own)
// jacket, top and skirts all Givenchy (stylists own), shorts by Cassette Playa, socks by Comme des Garcons, belt by TAO pleated fabric from the cloth house, roll neck from cos

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  1. first image is so fierce and powerful! amazing styling

  2. Anonymous says:

    Vicky trombetta's work is always awesome

  3. I love the first image, esp the shirt with the boots… I was about to say the boots are by Gareth but you already wrote that. Haha.

    And yeah, the Gareth wedges are beautiful and they seem to have all sizes their at the moment so maybe it's your chance? It's a shame that I cant get the because I getting something else that's expensive.

  4. OH WOW!!! These are STELLAR!!! Your FAVES are MY FAVES too doll!!!

    You Rock!!!


  5. Love it.
    So strong, the pictures, the clothes and the model.

    Thanks for your comment!

  6. I like the first picture best – really cool.
    Thanks for commenting om my pictures. Happy new year from Norway

  7. Don't Shoe Me says:

    loving the clothes and the pictures and the photoshop work around the border…

  8. loving the clothes and the pictures and the photoshop work around the border…

  9. These pictures are so striking!!! very cool.

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  10. Wooow, love this stuff! Matthew Josephs is the best

  11. hot!!!

    xx Marina

  12. i wanna dress like him so bad!

  13. This is pure art, so amazing! xx

  14. Wow, the first image, the first outfit is pure genius!! I love how it's so raw and powerful!! Great images and styling! xoxoxoo

  15. give me those mittens! Such cool styling and beautiful pictures! Hope everything is fine with you! Have you returned from sunny california yet?

    Love Iben

  16. I love the first picture!

  17. I love the first picture!

  18. That 1st pic looks like it hurts! xo

  19. thanks for sharing. these pictures are amaZing. love that last shot


  20. wow, these are amazing. Thanks SO much for sharing them! I really love the simplicity of the shot and styling, with the textures and the impossibility of trying to feel the fabrics with your eyes.

  21. beautiful, I'm loving all of these beautiful images on your blog.

  22. THat's fierce!

  23. The styling is absolutely amazing! Very dark and minimalistic. I love the way he played with the different shapes.

  24. Sofi Stellar says:

    That spider hat is crazy!! Really intense, wow!

  25. That spider hat is crazy!! Really intense, wow!

  26. Oh I love it! :p
    Amazing :)

  27. wow, breathtaking!


  28. The third image is amazing.

    Love Grace.

  29. love these dark adn edgy looks!

    xx raez

  30. wow! this is amazing!

  31. so fucking hawt!!!

  32. so fucking hawt!!!

  33. omg, in love with these shots!
    and happy 2011 to you, babe♥

  34. A M A Z I N G.
    thanks for sharing xx

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