Today’s styling crush | 12.01.2011

In these days I’m working on a super exciting project that requires shooting and styling concept, so I’m browsing all my bookmarks to get references for the moodboards. This is definitely one of my fav jobs ever because it means checking all the photographer’s sites I know and discovering new ones. And it might happen, like in today, that I discover new shots from one of my best-loved photographers, Florian Sommet.
If you are one of my followers you might recall his amazing work from one of my previous posts - No Title [CALM.THE.FUCK.DOWN]
His photos are always an excellent source of kick-ass styling inspiration. Enjoy!

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  1. OH
    My fav set of pix that i have seen on your blog so far!!!!
    LOVE. like as in LUST!!!

  2. <3 Avant garde! How is milan lovely?

    Love Iben

  3. pretty awesome…his works is great…

  4. Wow, that's all I can say about this moodboard, absolutely wow. I'm sure you're going to do an awesome job :)

  5. Exciting! This styling is amazing, very reminiscent of Lady Gaga but 10 times better!

  6. Hey Betty,
    What happened to set you style? It's like…I don't even know. What happened?

  7. Mmmm… I see Gaga shoes

  8. You have one of my favorite blogs! Everything you post is just so inspirational.


  9. UGH! This story is so inspiring. Love the cut up/mash up of the images, and of course the styling. I would definitely use these images as inspiration for a project, too!

  10. oh yes! intense. terse. awesome sauce. like it.

  11. Bellissime, mi piacciono tanto le foto strappate e messe una accanto all'altra! :)

  12. Bellissime, mi piacciono tanto le foto strappate e messe una accanto all'altra! :)

  13. Ok..3 sentence for these photos
    Avant Garde, Super Stylish and I died..
    Love this shots
    Lee x




  15. i totally love this it's like alexander mcqueen meets madonna!

  16. I mostly like the rough draft look of the photos.

  17. Amazing styling. Love how the accessories add so much power to the overall look. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Following on Bloglovin.

  18. Wow, the styling is definitely powerful and fierce! So many spikes like she's going to a battle! It's so amazing that your boss has a great taste in style…can you ask him to give me a job too? :-) xxoxoxooo

  19. Oh I wish you could send me some warmth darling, but I'm also so happy for you having such a great time over there;) and haha, so sweet of you to follow me, sometimes that happens to me to, I simply forget to follow blogs I regularly visit! Have a nice day darling!

    Love Iben

  20. epic style. definitely an inspiration!

  21. epic style. definitely an inspiration!

  22. Drool.

    Great images! xo style, she wrote

  23. nice to see the mcqueen heels again!

  24. o.m.g.
    you've just given me something to atare at…
    for hours.

  25. absolutely amazing! cant wait to see the finished project!

    xx raez

  26. Love the pics!

  27. Very, very nice. You seem to have an amazing job! Oh and Ciao! I am now in Roma! Would you know of any decent vintage or thrift stores in Rome? The shopping I have seen so far has been pricey :)

  28. so cool, i wanna have your job too! hopefully you find your inspiration!

  29. i'm so ecited to see your work

  30. I love the photo's really inspiring!

  31. these are such great pictures! very inspirational

    hope you'll visit/follow

  32. wow! wonderful pic! I like this post :)

    and thank u very much for a comment :*

  33. Wow, these are blowing my mind. The styling & photography together are so effective. Love it.

  34. I am completely dumb founded! What incredible shots. SO GOD DAMNED AMAZING!!!

  35. Sexy and artistic. Love this!

  36. I love these photos. Thank you for sharing.

  37. Thats awesome.Amazing layout.
    follow me xx

  38. Thats awesome.Amazing layout.
    follow me xx

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