Charlie Le Mindu AW11 | LFW

Images via and Blow (Saga Sig)

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  1. new fave babe of a designer :) x x xxxx <3

  2. Hi sweetie!! So nice to hear from you!! That's so cool that you posted le mindu, I was just watching a video about him on vimeo when i saw your post! The guy is crazy/wonderful! Thanks so much for ur sweet comments, I really appreciate them!

    Love Iben

  3. Ah, Charlie, you never fail to delight!

  4. Looks Gaga + Formichetti-rific! ;)

  5. i think my head just exploded. These images are amazing and leave me with so much new inspiration. x

  6. Wow! Amazing images!

  7. Extra.ordinary.Edgy art in fashion. The way I like it. later, FashionLifeCoach

  8. high fashion clubwear…yessss.

  9. this is too fuckin' good!! blows my mind!!

  10. Hey, your blog is so nice!
    My blog's called L.M (, are you maybe interested in link exchange? I would be very happy :)

    Byebye, Lea

  11. omg that headpiece is totally rad!!!

  12. I will be coming back to this post frequently just to stare at this amazingness!

  13. I love Charlie

  14. i can see gaga wearing all of this!

  15. Absolutely love the hair fringe and the long veils.

    I'll also never say no to a gas mask on a runway :)

  16. Oh wow! Absolutely loved this collection. Thank heavens for le mindu

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