Love Hangover

A film by Joost Vandebrug for Volt magazine featuring Alice Delall.
First time I discovered Joost Vandebrug provocative work was during the exhibition “Boys Club” we hosted at Dopolavoro Gallery during Milan Fashion week 2010, and for which I designed the catalogue and communication material. In that occasion all the featured works where portraits of young teenage boys, captured half naked during intimate moments…quite provocative indeed. So it was a nice surprise for me when the other day I came across this short film, featuring the transgressive Alice Delall shooted in a very sexy way. I would really love to see more stuff like this coming from the young Dutch photographer…

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  1. I loveee this

  2. Thanks for sharing!

    Juliet xxx

  3. alice is a star, loving this video!!!

  4. This is amazing!

  5. This is amazing!

  6. This is beautifully shot! Those shoes look torturous though!! And whatever happened to Alice Dellal? She was embraced as such an "it girl" last year and suddenly I'm not seeing much of her.

  7. This was indeed beautiful. It's one of those videos you have to watch again and again. Lovely.

  8. AMAZING!!!!!!!

  9. ALICE!! <3 + this background song! amazing.

  10. Crazy shoes :) Love it :) thanks for the lovely comment

    Love, Vanilla

  11. this is amazing! and the music reminds me of this is england soundtrack from the lastest season

  12. this is amazing! and the music reminds me of this is england soundtrack from the lastest season

  13. ah love!

    Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

  14. love this film… Constantly reminds me of the animations I would like to be doing! One day…

  15. This video is beautiful! I love your blog!

  16. very nice, love alice <3

  17. this is a very sexy video! those shoes, lipstick, sigarett and melody made it all perfect. I definitely want to see more of this:-)

  18. I love the phrase "Love Hangover"! The video is amazing and very sexy! Alice Delall is perfect for this style! oxxoxoo

  19. LOVE THIS! YOu have so many great inspirational posts darling! Thanks so much for shearing! And thank you for all of your nice comments.

    Love Iben

  20. ah- yes .that burberry collection. it was amazing. to actually see the detailing up close- priceless. gonna watch this video now. wish you a great monday darling

  21. Thanks for sharing! I love the black and white! xo

  22. Crazy beautiful! Shoe porn!!

  23. love this! and alice!

  24. Beautiful video, love Alice Dellal.

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