Young&Restless SS11 – The Flying Squirrel

She woke up to her worst nightmare, feeling utmost alienated.
A foreign place she found herself to be, 
home to strange creatures called “humans”.
Nothing looks the same, nothing feels familiar.
But as a master of camouflage and escapism,
she soon adapts the traits of mathematical geometry.
Now she is a fusion of both worlds:
The organic attributes of the forest, her home,
and the geometrical shapes of the city landscape.

Visualising a flying squirrel landing in an urban cityscape, the young&restless designer worked with simple geometrical shapes which took cues off modern architectures. The pieces are formed from basic shapes like squares, circles and triangles, which is evident when the garments are laid flat. 
Breaking away from the austerity of A/W10, S/S11 features raised hemlines for a more optimistic and floaty collection. The designer hopes that the wearer will be able to fantasise themselves on escapism, like a flying squirrel, a bee, or even a butterfly; a desire to escape from reality. Ultra lightweight and breathable fabrics with a colour palette that resembles the transiting light at the end of a tunnel were used throughout the collection. There is no need to say that I’m crushing over a lot of pieces of this dreamy and fabulously designed collection. I really would love to “escape reality” in these light and amazing clothes. And oh…I am so i love with the ADV campaign!

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  1. Wha5t a fabulous editorial, I just love the trousers, perfect for someone a little curvier on the bottom ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  2. So worderfully original!

  3. the makeup is really cool

  4. Oooh, love this! SUch beautiful drapey silhouettes! have a nice day gorgeous!

    Love Iben

  5. I like the low angle of the photo's taken of the collection increasing height, flightiness, the eye-make-up and head-wear brings a sort of escapism.

    thanks for sharing!

  6. i can see the theme 'getting away from reality' clearly from the designs. they're really beautiful and creatively done. love the details of the drapes, and the slight futuristic feel.
    my favorite is the last style in the right side of the last picture.
    thanks for sharing !

  7. look beautiful!! are they available online?

  8. fantastic post! these photos are absolutely incredible. LOVE them
    thanks for sharing

  9. the text that accompanies these images is perfection. love this concept.

  10. the most attractive flying squirrel of all time. also those draped camel pants! phenomenal.

  11. man i love thos last pants, they are so dman cool and i the makeup is fantastic here!

  12. this collection is incredibly good!
    I remeber the AW one (you posted it right?) it was cool…but this one, man …it brigns everything to another level! the colors and sapes so much…

  13. awesome colection! I'm in love with both the design and the concept behind it!

  14. I totally understand what you are saying …i?m crushing to over these!!! actually I cannot choose the piece I love the most…

  15. i cant believe that this is taken in my city. its awesome!

  16. I love their billowy, geometric shapes! And their brand name, youg and restless! Beautiful colors and concept! xoxoxoxoo

  17. amazing collection and these adv photos!!!

    xoxo from rome

    (there's a GIVE-AWAY on my blog – foxtail!!! :)

  18. Hi Nora! the collection is not available online yet.
    I will keep you updated if I have any news.

  19. Okay so that first image confused the f*** out of me but my god these pieces are amazing!!

  20. this is a stunning editorial. wow so simple and beautiful.

    finally hatachi

  21. beautiful!!! love it:):)

  22. Brilliant. The first image is just stunning, great outfit, love the geometric shapes.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following on Bloglovin.

  23. That hat! gimme gimme.
    Love the architectural background for the looks!

  24. loving the shapes♥

  25. That's great, I love it!
    Nice post!


  26. GREAT photos!!!! This editorial looks absolutely amazing :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  27. I love the shapes in this collection. And I'm already determined to try and duplicate the thick green eyeliner!

  28. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I love the way the fabric falls :) beautiful

    Love, Vanilla

  29. Mi piace Molto ♥___♥

  30. Haha! I publishem the same collection. Actually I couldn't believe that the main inspiration is flying squirrel. It sounds so… unrealistic :D

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