Backyard Love

Spring is for lovers. 
It is for sneaking into empty gardens and make lustful love.
This editorial is dedicated to all of you fierce lovers out there in the very first day of Spring.
Have and exciting one, beautifuls!

Photography by Ville Varumo
Styling by Sakke Hytönen
Hair by Marii Sadrak
Model(s) Julia Johansen @ Elite London & Joseph Turnbull @ Storm Model Management

Via theones2watch

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  1. beautiful editorial! I love the colours :)


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  2. I want a bob like hers! I'm so over all this impossibly long, beachy, wavy hair that I could never attain, ha.

  3. Amazing photos and an amazing backyard :)

  4. this editorial is very beautiful! i love the fur (?) dress!

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  5. Oh dear, the AW blazer and those Acne Vegas are amaziiing!

    Love Iben

  6. Ugh this is so sleek and beautiful. The styling is well done. Backyard shoots always rule. Very inspiring. <3

  7. It's a Beautiful Post!

  8. what an interesting editorial! i always look forward to seeing your original content!

  9. This photoshoot makes me want to traipse around some elaborate, huge mansion in a leather skirt and lace bra…very nice.

  10. LOVE. beautiful girl. sexy sub boy, ummm.

  11. she's wearing beautiful dresses O.O

  12. woww this is sooo sicck, will def use this as inspiration!

  13. always thought provoking and inspiring.
    love, love, love.
    The Covetist

  14. Beautiful Editorial :)

    Love, Vanilla

  15. very spring but yet very dark!

  16. dark, sexy, mysterious, and haunting
    love all of them !

  17. omg!
    amazing photos!

  18. now i really want some lust

  19. WOW…what a sexy and mysterious editorial!

  20. spring is wonderful so are the spring nights. staying up late.
    that third photo is magical- very cinematic.
    thanks for sharing dear
    hope you're having a good week

  21. :D Gorgeous post. This editorial is frankly inspiring me to take my boyfriend to the grounds of a stately home on a mild, misty morning..

  22. really amazin shots

    great stylin:)

  23. Beautiful editorial. This is what spring should be always. Just beautiful.

  24. beautiful editorial!

  25. Now that is what I call a backyard! :)
    the third to last image is beautiful

  26. Inspiring shoot. I love this aesthethics, little bit plastic… Great pic as usual lovely!

  27. I like this original pixs

  28. wow, this is simply amazing!

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