Chromat AW11 | BLOOD SPORT

Cromat cage garments never fail to excite me beyond expression. Structured and sexy as always, the newest AW11 collection “Blood Sport” was inspired by the royalty, athleticism and dark sensuality of olympic athletes. I’m lusting over every single piece of this rad collection – which inspires me so many crazy styling options – and over the amazing lookbook shots by talented Gemma Fleming.

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  1. yep very inspiring!

  2. The under bust piece in the first and second photo is gorgeous. What a refreshing line of exoskeletons!

  3. omg this is so cool!!! that shoulder and calf pieces are hawt!!

  4. So beautiful!

  5. Veronica says:

    These pictures are something incredible! Wonderful and really stunning!
    Your blog is amazing!

    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  6. WOW this collection is fantastic. loving the bandage dress and the shoe accessories.

  7. Pneumonia BW says:


  8. ugh these are amazing! they have something about them that are so fun but sexy too

  9. really fun stuff. kinda super hero, musketeer, retro future fetish style! love it! cool post thanks girl.

  10. Amélia Delessi says:

    I wish the olympic athletes could look this goo while they were doing spots.
    Great styling, the last picture is amazing.

  11. I wish the olympic athletes could look this goo while they were doing spots.
    Great styling, the last picture is amazing.

  12. oh dear, I want all of these! You are always showing such exciting and unique things doll:) Actually I'm so stressed out with school, because i'm not motivated at all. All I want to do is styling and fashionrelated things, not sitting watching boring lectures in statistics:( It makes me sad and uncreative. But I totally forgot to ask you, what is your line of work? Thanks so much for wishing me a nice weekend, I will spend it cuddling with my bearpaws, haha! I wish you a beautiful weekend too!

    Love Iben

  13. oh wow really love this!!:)

  14. Incredible! The bra in the first photo is amazing!

  15. Sorry doll, I know it's art director:D

  16. hey thank you for your comment! Your posts are always very inspiring and your blog's great!! rock on!!

  17. Incredible! I would totally wear these as outerwear if it wasn't probably illegal…

  18. These shots are so, so powerful, absolutely stunning.

  19. Fantastic pieces! I'm lusting over the elastic harness and the suspenders. And a beautifully shot lookbook

  20. fantastic!!!

    xx marina

  21. I'm amazed! I hate when people can't see the artistic expression in pictures like these. I think fashion should provoke and dare to do something out of the ordinary. When I see Cromat in Vouge, I'll be happy:-)

  22. wow! absolutely amazing!

  23. Thanks for your opinion about my dress problem! Today is my blog's 4 year birthday and I am celebrating it with a giveaway! Won't you come and try your luck!

    Juliet xxx

  24. Re: Yeah, I "pimped" them myself since they were too boring to begin with imo :) I'll post better pics another time!

  25. i would like to have that corset to the right in the first photo. but underneath a top..but to be honest these photos are a bit too much for my prude self

  26. thank you dear! I LOVE your shots Lady Gaga style… you know! ;-P
    bellissime …

  27. painted hands. good.

  28. good gracious. i think my screen just caught fire.

  29. I love Cromat. The designs are beautiful

  30. OMG! The styling simply rocks! And the models are drop dead gorgeous! I would love to layer those bondage straps under my tshirts! xoxoxoo

  31. AHHH yay! i see their stuff on! love their stuff! gorgeous bloody editorial!

  32. AHHH yay! i see their stuff on! love their stuff! gorgeous bloody editorial!

  33. I'm becoming more aware of cage garments. Not sure if I'd like one or not but hoping they hit the 'mainstream' soon so more of us can see what's possible. Kind of reminds me of boned corsets but with the material stripped away. Something quite sensual and aggressive about them..

  34. I am drooling in the most unattractive way. I guess that's what amazing pieces do to me. :)

  35. I love the use of double and triple exposures, as if it were high a intensity "action shot", like a sprint, or a joust. The rawness, the Romanesque shapes, bindings, and Aegis-like head garments.. have me mesmerized.

    Oh, and of course, timeless and still blood red lips.

    Just lovely.

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