Gabriella Marina Gonzalez x Oyster mag

All clothes by Gabriella Marina Gonzales.
Photography by Christina Smith. Styling by Paul Joyce.

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  1. that model has such a unique look

  2. oh those shoes…!!

  3. UGH Oyster is always SO SICK! I looove her braids and the head pieces. Also, the wedge of course. And the beautifully ripped tights. Yum!

  4. wooooah
    love the styling

  5. I love everything about these pictures. The braids look cool as, the tights, shoes, everything!

  6. I'm starting an internship with this magazine next week, so excited! I love the models they choose, she really doesn't look like anyone else.

  7. Adorable & trashy! Nice outfits & styling

  8. oh shes fucken great , the model and photographer those shoes are sic!!!

  9. This is one of the most kickass editorials I've seen in a while. The styling, model, pretty much everything is so incredibly intense. I love it.

    My skirt in my last post was lace, by the way! You were right.

  10. Awww this reminds GAGA!!

  11. love the shoes and the hat-glasses! :)

  12. the hair is just wonderful, her face is just amazing

  13. just amazing!
    i really like your blog by the way :)

  14. Ruth ❤ says:


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