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I have just come across these Jeimi’s shots while doing some resarch for a project I am working on and I am seriously having a crush over her spine tat! This, together with the Nicolai’s exhibition about Siberian Tattoo art I visited last week, remind me that I want another tat so badly…
Photo credits: 
first two pics Heidi Slimane x Vogue UK
last two via
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  1. Beautiful models, I dislike tattoos though, just think of when you get old and the skin wrinkles!

    *following your blog*

    Eda x

  2. Beautiful! Though my favorite model tattoos must be Freja Beha's!

    Juliet xxx

  3. Beautiful tattoos! I'm not brave enough to get inked but I do admire people who can withstand the pain! xoxoxoo

  4. Wow I never knew she had that tattoo! She is so, so rad.

  5. I love her tattoos-though I love her anyway because she reminds of Patti Smith.

  6. Wow, that's a pretty crazy tattoo for a model to have! I guess it doesn't stop you from getting work though because you just end up getting a certain kind of work. Freja's managed to do just fine.

    Damn though, that must have hurt. She's all bones back there! (Oh wait–no pun intended, har har)

  7. oh wow so beautiful!xx

  8. yeah!
    so beautiful :)

  9. thats a pretty damn fierce tattoo, wish i was still rocknroll enough to carry off something like that…when did i leave my rock roots? and when did i get so pathetically preppy?lol i love your zara bayne harness in the sak label post, maybe ill purchase one to get back in touch with my edge!

  10. incredible model !

  11. thanks for the comment!

  12. her tattoo is beautiful. i think it's very sexist that female models with tattoos are very taboo, but male models with full sleeves walk for YSL and givenchy.

  13. Love these pictures, really my style xoxo

  14. So often when you are working with models they have tattoos.. I like them! I always try to work with them, but for commercial clients I guess its a different story

  15. It's one interesting tattoo that's for sure. Am not a bog fan, but mostly cause I am a commitmentphobe. Otherwise, any form a body art is a plus in my book.


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