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Hi dolls! As I promised you in one of my last post, it is time for a new GIVEAWAY! This time I teamed up with Klara Hedener from Sak Label for giving you the chance of winning this wonderful Frame Necklace, made of silver plated brass and lacquered steel. Here I have styled the pendant with AA white sheer shirt and Zana Bayne harness.
TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY just leave a comment with your email so that I can notify you I you win! Competition ends the 16th of March. Good luck!

Klara is a Swedish designer that lives in Barcelona. We met while sipping a cocktail in an Italian wine bar in NY and we immediately started chatting about jewelry and fashion. She introduced me to Sak Label and I loved the brand philosophy to create unique jewelry with a playful and modern aesthetics, each collection released only in small editions and every step of the production made in Barcelona.

Hi Klara!

Tell us something about you and how did the Sak Label project come about.
Sak Label consists of me Klara Hedener, a Swede resident in Barcelona, and Alejandra Solar a Mexican designer currently living in Luxembourg. We met while studying Artistic Jewellery at Escola Massana and during the long hours spent in the workshop while finishing our final projects, the idea for the project came to life.


Can you describe your latest collection?
For our first collection “Chains & Pearls” we found inspiration in essential jewellery pieces. We reinterpreted and transformed heritage motifs such as pearl necklaces, chain colliers and baroque pendants into 2 dimensional shapes. Our intention is to create jewelry that play with tradition and modernity.


Which materials do you use and like to experiment with?
We have so far used brass and steel and worked with different kinds of finishes in gold or silver plating and colored lacquer. I love natural materials such as leather, stone and wood and would definitely consider mixing materials in coming collections.


Who wears Sak Label? And how would you like to see your jewelry worn?
I think our client is looking for something in between classical jewelry and accessories. We put a great deal of work into every piece and the quality of the finish. Our philosophy is to create unique jewelry with playful and modern aesthetics, jewelry to be worn everyday and for special occasions.


What is inspiring you at the moment?
Spring coming up, Ann-Sofie Back jewelry and fashion blogs.
How much are you into fashion? And who or which are you fav fashion designers?
I find great inspiration in fashion. It’s hard to name a favorite designer because for me it varies with every collection, but for spring/summer 2011 I loved Lanvin, especially the accessories. Also Raf Simons for Jil Sander and Haider Ackermann were amazing.


What’s your most treasured piece of jewelry that you own? And the favourite piece in your closet? 
Most treasured piece of jewelry is without a doubt a 19th century turquoise pendant that I inherited from my grandmother. It opens up and on the inside are pictures of my great grandfather and grandmother. Favorite pieces in my closet changes quite often, but for the moment I have to say that I’m still in love with an oversize croco & leather clutch that I found at a thrift shop in NY.



What do you think style is about? And how would you describe your personal style?

I think style is all about personality. Finding inspiration in fashion and making you own      personal interpretation. My style is a mix of a few designer items, second hand finds, high street bargains and gems found in my mothers closet.


If style was a place it would be…
I will have to be predictable: Paris


and if it was a person? Who’s your style icon?
I can’t say that I have any celeb style icon. I’ve had a few friends who were blessed with the talent of always looking effortlessly fabulous whatever they put on. I guess those talented few are my icons.


What’s in your ipod? 
My ipod broke but on it was a sad collection of old house to keep me company while I go running, and a little bit of everything from Lykke Li to Caribou and The XX.


You are from Sweden, you live in Barcellona and when I met you you were In NY. Do you travel a lot? How do you like that?
I love traveling and grab every chance I get to do so. My boyfriend travels a lot in his work and whenever I get the chance, I go with him. We both like the idea of spending a few months every year in a new city. Changing your routine and getting some new inspiration can only be a positive thing.


And finally, if I came to Barcellona where should I go shopping? And what is an absolute must-do there?
For good shopping in Barcelona I would have to say Snö, a swedish design shop turned web shop, that also sell Sak Label. Other than that there is Paco Rueda in C/ Jaume I, and Doshaburi close by in C/ Lledó. In general Barcelona is not amazing when it comes to shopping. What is great about Barcelona is its charm and climate. Having a “café con leche”  in a terrace in La Ribera in the middle of winter or going for a morning run as the sun rises over La Barceloneta.


Thank you Klara!
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  1. wow her jewellery designs are awesome!!

    may as well enter.
    my email be liagow9@gmail.com


  2. I want this pendant!!! seriously! I'm in:

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  4. You met while sipping a cocktail at an Italian wine bar in NY? I am so jealous of your life!!!

    Awesome styling by the way… h.ongley@gmail.com

  5. her harnesses are pretty fantastic, aren't they?

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  7. Please enter me!
    Klara's designs are so beautiful and elegant x

    madameg2010 at gmail dot com

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    here's my mail, hope I win!

  9. Wow Klara has got great taste!

  10. Wow Klara has got great taste!

  11. Great interview!

    Juliet xxx

  12. What a great interview! The jewelry looks beautiful!

  13. What a great interview! The jewelry looks beautiful!

  14. What a great interview-her ideas are wonderful. I can only imagine how amazing their work will continue to be!


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  18. nice necklace!
    your blog is really interesting…


  19. nice necklace!
    your blog is really interesting…


  20. Amagadd love this! And LOVE your styling! No we didn't drink champagne all night, moved on to red wine at dinner:D haha! So nice to hear that you are well honey. I'm a bit stressed out with school and stuff, that sucks.


    Have a nice day beautiful!

    Love iben

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  22. I really love that necklace!



  23. This jewelery collection certainly toys with tradition and modernity it has a freshness about it.

    Enjoyable read. I don't usually enter Giveaways but I'm feeling drawn to this :)


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  31. love the first picture! the hair is amazing and the red lips along with the harness and necklace….so mega awesome!

  32. love the first picture! the hair is amazing and the red lips along with the harness and necklace….so mega awesome!

  33. Fascinating Q&A with really insightful worthwhile questions. Always nice to see interviews. :)

    I'll definitely enter the giveaway, that is a fantastic necklace!


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    Thank you for you sweet comment the other week…its nice to get back to visiting my fav blogs!


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    that is beautiful!!



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    my email is heybigtrender @ gmail.com

    xx raez

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  39. What a beautiful necklace and I love the way you styled it too! I enjoy reading the interview and her favorite places in Barcelona! I absolutely agree with her and if style were a place, it would be Paris and for me, also Milan :-) xoxoxoo

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