Photography: Dimitri Theocaris

Schon! / Issue11 is out now!! As always, it is loaded with awesome photography work and editorials. Enjoy this little preview and check the new issue here.

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  1. your blog is always a source of ideas!!!!!!!

    thanks for sharing:))))

    xx Marina

  2. this is so beautiful

  3. Nice editorial, it remembers me a bit Lady Gaga style!

  4. amazing!something as a modern polaroid effect!

  5. Love this shoot! Thanks for sharing x

  6. so many stunning shots. i love these.
    thanks for sharing. will check out the link now.


  7. If this is anything to go by, this would be a real treat to see.

  8. awesome i wanna check the next issue but since i have such a lame laptop i cant for now , argh sux
    but yeah outfits post soon from you yay!!

  9. going to have to check out this magazine! i can always appreciate a man in nipple pasties and a bordelle harness.

  10. Wow, it looks so surreal! Plus I really like the name of the magazine! xoxoxoo

  11. Such a beautiful editorial :)

    Love, Vanilla

  12. great shots here x

  13. Watercolor and double exposure seems to be making an editorial comeback.

  14. love the photography and unique look of this!

  15. Love this imagery! A gorgeous mix of beauty, edge, and a little of the beyond…So haunting…Great find, thanks for sharing!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  16. that first image.. WOW! xx

  17. mmh WOW!! really cool editing and styling !

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