Thierry Mugler FW11/12 | Womenswear collection | The Fashion Show |

Mugler Womanswear FW11: Debut womenswear collection under the creative direction of Nicola Formichetti. The Fashion Show!

I never post fashion shows but I had to make an exception with Mugler’s one…
The teaser ( Anatomy of Change”), the clothes, the music, the set up (a custom-designed cathedral in a Paris gymnasium), the protagonists (Nicola Formichetti as creative director, Lady Gaga, Coco Rocha, Jessica Stam, Ruby Aldridge, Liu Wen, and Joan Smalls on the catwalk)…everything insanely exciting…Enjoy!

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  1. I watched this live last night -amazing!!

  2. I'm not normally that bothered by shows either, but I made a point of actually going to the Mugler site to stream it. Was blown away!

    In love with the Gareth Pugh ready to wear as well!!

  3. LOVED Gaga smoking and giving it some attitude.

    Really felt for the more wobbly of the models. Those wedges are as perilous as they look.

  4. The music is divine!!! Shame on me I forgot to watch it last night…glad to find it here though :)

  5. Theatrical show, maybe not surprising with Formichetti being the creative director.

  6. Pneumonia BW says:

    exquisite x

  7. ..and it was a so cool exception with this amazing show!

  8. ..and it was a so cool exception with this amazing show!

  9. oh wow man, this is so cool my laptop sux it keeps stopping.
    but yeah i do look preggos in person though hahhah
    i dont know maybe is the angle of my photos

  10. thanks for sharing- haven't seen this before- it really stands out as a fashion show- feels very cinematic.
    tomorrow is friday– ahh gonna be so good with a weekend now


  11. What an amazing show!!

  12. Very fresh and funky… good to see models using their arms as well…and even the wobblin betty fallin off her shoes didn't look outta place…

  13. So so so so so perfect. I so wish I was there. Imagine seing this live :-)


  14. the set/lighting is a character unto itself. mmf.

  15. such an amazing collection!! loved it :)

  16. Normally Lady Gaga annoys the HELL out of me but I actually really enjoyed this!

  17. tesorina, grazie del messaggio.
    Ti sappiamo vicina e ti abbracciamo tanto!!!

  18. Fierce! Love the attitude! :)


  19. AWESOME collection x

  20. I can see why it's the most talked about show and all my favorite models are on the runway plus Lady Gaga! So fierce and I love the clothes too! xoxoxoxo

  21. I couldn't tear my eyes away the entire time. I definitely enjoyed this a lot!

  22. I still can't get over how good this show was. My heart was racing after I first watched it!
    Now that's fantastic!

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