Photographer: Ben Cope

9 Comments   |   Posted by Wobblinbetty in  editorial / photography
  1. A spikey spine!?! I LOVE this. x

  2. gorgeous photo …. trudge xD

  3. Amazing editorial, innovative but sophisticated!


  4. Back Spine-elicious!! Tasty black fur to boot.

  5. the second photo is beautiful! loving the spikes!

  6. All I would want in lingerie. And thank you for the kind comment :)

  7. The second photo is just…the spikes down the spine…oh I can't even properly think of a way to say how much I love it!

  8. that spiked harness…or, whatever it is, love it!

  9. heya, thank you so much for your positive feedback on my blog, I really appreicate it !!
    Love this little virtual space, great photo picks!!! :)

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