Danger Of Death

Wearing:  Zara leather jacket - All Saint dress - Ann Demeulemeester boots – Random jewelry 

Where do people like us float?

Morning, keep the streets empty for me
uncover our heads and reveal our souls
we were hungry before we born

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  1. for lack of better words…you look so badass.

  2. I love this outfit! That dress seems perfect, I wish I could find one similar to that. I love the way you've paired it with boots and the leather jacket. Very '90s.

  3. thanks for your sweet comment!
    come visit again throughout this week to see an in-depth look at Nashville Fashion Week!


  4. nice leather jacket!! and fever ray… i love that song! seriously! it has such a special sound…

  5. you're so cool!

  6. Strong outfit, so cool!
    Love this leather jacket!


  7. Jazzy E (hivennn) says:

    Amazing. x hivennn

  8. nice (:
    i like your blog!

  9. Love your blog header!
    You look fierce :)

  10. Nice. Is that a septum ring I see? I had mine for 4 years, just took it out. Kinda wish I wouldn't have.

    strawberry freckleface

  11. FABULOUS once again

  12. thanks for sharing the song. and i love that outfit you're wearing. so nice when you post outfit posts

  13. man, i wanna get into your closet so bad! that dress is so rad!love the zippers and everything else
    outfit post yay!!

  14. I love the leather jacket!

    Juliet xxx

  15. Wow, thanks for stopping by my blog and leave a comment. Your photos are also great, and I love the dark and sinister aesthetic. This leather jacket is really cool and spiked bracelet too.

    KiSSeS!! ^^

  16. love this! love your jacket.

  17. I know, it's so beautiful! Only 400 dollars:( why is everything so expencive? I feel you on the color thing, and I think white will be amazing. Love the outfit and so nice to see you now and then.(btw that woodkid video is friggin amazing!)

    Love iben

  18. I'm loving the dress and the rose tattoo is beautiful! x

  19. Looking amazing, once again. Love you


  20. Rock n' roll style at its best. I love it!

  21. freakin love your blog…….

  22. The video is so hauntingly beautiful. I got shivers. Also you look very rock'n'roll spectacular. Definitely love it.

  23. You look lovely as always :)

    Re: I've had bolts in my (synth)dreads as well, but don't know why I haven't tried spikes until now! Pretty ;)

  24. Thanks!!!!It's from my boyfriend, if u someday com to barcelona, you know!!!hiihi
    Now i know your face!haha i love all saints, we had a shop here, but it closed, so saaaaaaaaaad!!!!!

  25. Ann D is my absolute favorite designer!! :)

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