Did you say “colors”?

You must have realized by now that usually I am not that happy when I get too many colors in the same place, and I much more glad when things stick with old black and whites.
But… but… I find this rainbow hair rather appealing at the moment. WEIRD! 

It must be the fault of blooming spring, right?…what do you think guys?

Photography Frank de Graaf / Styling Amber Myhre Bosch / Model Isabeau

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  1. heavy metal.
    love, love, love your choices.

  2. I absoluely love everything in these photos! hair, style, face, clothes!
    And I agree with you statement about color. I also don't like when something is too much colorful. This hair isn't “overcoulor”.

    Och. and thank you for your comment. ;)

  3. lovin' it!!

    that earpiece is amazing!

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  5. awesome hair, and loving the styling in these photos!


  6. I definitely like it. I'm fond of colors just not on me personally. I think color in the hair is a nice way to add it. It gives a little something extra to a monochromatic outfit (which is all I wear these days)!

  7. Thanks for your comment, love your blog and this post, I agree love the hair but i don't like too many fluorescent colors in the same place!

  8. love the first 2 pics!!! that ear peice is amazing!!


  9. Love love love. I've wanted to do something like this for ages but I've done coloured hair before and it's just so damn annoying to maintain haha.

  10. love the hair and the asymmetrical lengths!
    and the jewelry! wonder if that safety pin necklace is DIYable

  11. This post has made me want 3 things:

    1 – Wild coloured hair

    2 – A cigarette

    3 – To spend a day making jewellery our of safety pins like the old days


    I used to wear safety pins as earrings when I was at art college..

    By the way thank you for your words of encouragement about my outfit posts. I agonised over that move for a long time, much longer than I should have considering it is my blog after all! So it's nice to receive compliments.

  12. i LOVE her hair, but that ear piece is so so amazing!

  13. lov it…the first pic hit me hard, great selecton

    Lydz xX

  14. her hair, ahhhhh! it looks like candy!

  15. the colour thing looks so good on blonde girls! i'm worried if i dipped my hair it'd look terrible

  16. this hair is so goood!! so is the safety pin necklace!!

  17. Interesting hairs , the light blue is good on blonde!


  18. oh hello white dress
    so cool im into white dresses lately they look cool and pretty at the same time

  19. candy hair! I didn't know, until now – but I so want candy hair! x

  20. these photos are crazy cool! great post :)


  21. These photos look amazing and I'm definitely stealing some for my drawing practice :D

  22. words cannot describe how much i LOVE this editorial.. Thanks for posting it!


  23. I love the grey tones, it seems quite sci-fi but most of all I am in love what the stylist has done with the safety pins. radddddd idea that I'm gonna try


  24. i like the candy hair too, hope you're having a great weekend dear

  25. I'm deeply in love with the first necklace. x hivennn

  26. It's amazing!

  27. I want a hair like that!

    Juliet xxx

  28. this is SO amazing!!!

  29. These photos are just amazing! Love all of these.. :)

  30. thanks for the comment, great blog!

  31. 2nd photo, this earring is interesting.

  32. Ah, the rainbow hair is boss! And that safety pin jewelry is also pretty fucking rad.

  33. Oh my, she is great. Love the poses and the light and the styling and the post… All as usual! :-)

  34. I can't get over her hair color in this shoot. Ugh, makes me want to dye my hair so bad.

  35. Wow – props to the hairstylist!

  36. loving that hair!!

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