Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair | AW11

“We realized that even though black is our signature colour, it creates an optical illusion but no details. We’ve worked with pale white, the shade you see before your eyes when squinting…”
The newest Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair AW11 collection doesn’t only explore a new world of fabrics and materials, but also their usual cocoon-silhouette has been forced to make way for an edgier sex appeal, with a new focus on accentuating body parts. The most significant parts of the collection are the atelier pieces all made of aluminium and the hand made corsage. Other than that, we find skyscraper platforms in rubber – with rabbit fur-details, some steel, plastic and leather.
We also find spiral shaped armlets, metal shoulder detailing, and a fringed top with aluminium edges.


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  1. Love this photography ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  2. love that first shot. it's amazing

  3. that body armour is insane.

  4. my easter was good but now im suffering from the no internet syndrome which btw sux big time haha

  5. Great pics…Soo strong!


    Don't bother to pass by anytime…;)

  6. black and white always never fail to make a statement
    Lydz xX

  7. Hi dear * spaisbo for comment)
    I had a good Easter.
    it's so cool to celebrate in Italy, I want to go there too: D
    chocolate … I love chocolate)

    as always great photos ^ ^

  8. Amazing photos!

  9. wow, these are great. love the first pic!!!

  10. third image is wow!!! xx

  11. I love those pics and for god's sake the styling LOOK AT THE STYLING I'm in L to the ove.


  13. This stuff looks amazing!

  14. That corset is divine!

  15. the 1st pic is stunning


  16. Ooooh, I love fifth! But I forgotten a bit about them so thanks for reminding me sweetie! And yup those bags are hot! I came across them the other day and I love them! Already ordered the picnic!

    Love Iben

  17. last one is adorable. so cool. xx

  18. Love their designs.


  19. I love black and white photography as proportions become the major component of the photos. These are lovely.

  20. omg wow i love it all!!xx

  21. Ah…WOW is the word. Love these looks!!

    Hope you had a great Easter :D

  22. Woah!!! that is some serious coool inspiration! I love their Autumn 11 collection! Its soo dark and mysterious and cool!
    Big kiss,
    Beckerman Girls

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