Katie Gallagher x Contributing Editor

Young and talented fashion designer Katie Gallagher
Photography: Victoria Cohen.
Check here her interview on Contributing Editor
And by the way, how cool is her hair color? Sometimes I wish I still had my white-dyed head of hair!

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  1. I have always liked Contributing Editor, they always photograph and feature great up and comers. Katie looks gorgeous.

  2. She is definitely one of those people who you want to hate because they are so cool and talented, but you can't!

    I used to have white-blonde hair too, maintenance was a bitch but I do miss the colour.

  3. I really like Katie Gallagher's designs and these photographs!

    The color of her hair is cool. I would like to have the same. Maybe. some day (:

  4. Oh! I used to check out Contributing Editor all the time. This is pretty awesome. I'm off to read the interview.

  5. Her hair is stunning! And I need that yellow jacket!

  6. i love that sweater and jacket. thanks for sharing these shots- right off to see the link now

  7. yeh love her hair… and eyebrows/no eyebrows! ha!

  8. OMGGG
    i love it!
    so so so much!

  9. 22 is young! I gotta get back in the groove of things with my work!

  10. Wow…she really is a head-turner! Interesting post.. Thanks!


  11. Aww, this is beautiful,
    I loved it !

    Henar ♥

  12. She's amazing! Thank you for alerting me this interview! I love the outfit she's wearing in the last photo! xoxoxoo

  13. Thanks for your lovely compliment you left on my blog!
    Speaking of badass…this girl is a badass. haha


  14. Anonymous says:

    more striking than pretty

    but interesting

  15. I'd love to have white blonde hair, wouldn't have the guts to do it though! x

  16. love this! DAMN that jacket is ace!

  17. Really interesting editorial!
    She's so cool!




  19. The hair is pretty amazing!

    Juliet xxx

  20. She is so talented! Love originality. And yes doll, I actually thought of what you said when I went out the door! Hahaha! I also watched pictures of the girl with furry peeptoes. Only problem was that it became kind of hot after a short while.

    Love Iben

  21. She pulls off that hair color amazingly!

  22. She pulls off that hair color amazingly!

  23. really beautiful!love it:) xx

  24. And she's even dyed her eyebrows! How clever! Gorgeous pics…ta for sharing…

  25. LOVE her! her hair is incredible. don't you wish?? also, the black and blue shirt she's wearing in the first photo made my heart skip a beat.

  26. Wow, this girl is gorgeous. Her hair color is amazing and beautiful face.

    I really like the photos.

    KiSSeS! ^^

  27. great blog, she is pretty and her hair is awesome

    Lydz xX

  28. her hair is indeed awesome!!

  29. always big on this hair color but couldn't achieve it for my life.

  30. hey, i just saw her on another blog yesterday, great minds obviously think alike :) she looks very inspiring. pfff, i wish i had my white hair too…

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