L.A. punk

LA punks shooted by photographer Robin Black for Test mag.
Check out here also the amazing moodboards made by the photographer as inspiration before the shooting. I’m crushing over them. 

To accompany this post I chose one of my fav tracks from the Exploited “Beat the bastrads”. Enjoy
and stay rebel!

Photographer: Robin Black
Stylist: Brett Bailey @ Atelier Management NYC
Models: AJ English @ NEXT, Kerry Krosgrad, Lauren M. Brock
Natasha Roozrokh, Niko Karamyan, SooJoo @ Ford Models
Make Up: Gloria Noto @ The Rex Agency
Hair: John Ruggerio @ Starworks Artists
Copyright TEST 2010

On another note, I want to thank the gorgeous and talented music artist Leigh de Vries for featuring “Wobblinbetty keeps Wobblin’” on her blog! Go and check it out, you will find an amazing inspiration there.

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  1. Thanks for your comment!
    Your blog is awesome.


  2. Rachella says:

    stunning pics! x

  3. Soo cool!!!!!

  4. nice collection of photos))

  5. Fabulous the girls and boy with animal print.
    Thank for your nice comment

  6. freaking awesome!! love them all.

  7. SO AWESOME! loving the photos!

  8. gorgeous
    love this post!


  9. sick pictures! they're awesome

  10. All of these photos have a strong story behind them. Great work!

  11. God save the queen!

  12. I love this editorial. Punk will always hold a special place in my heart.

  13. ma quanti evergreen…
    almeno il 50% dei pezzi di queste foto, li ho già avuti nell'armadio e tutt'ora il chiodo female non me lo toglie nessuno.
    Anzi, ora che ci penso, potrei farci degli stencil a hoc ;)

    ciao tesoro, vieni a trovarci presto? :)

  14. great post girl
    I LOVE that second photo, it's divine.
    Wish you a great weekend
    take care

  15. Clémentine says:

    nice! thx for sharing! x

  16. nice! thx for sharing! x

  17. gorgeous images! love the moodboards too

    down with mass sheep – UP with unique and individual thinkers….LIKE YOU BURNING HOTNESS!!!!
    red VW bugs in your dreams will one day be a reality!
    much love.

  19. Awesome photos! They captured the mood "Punk" perfectly! So bad-ass :-) xoxoxoo

  20. truly amazing!! :)


  21. this is freaking cool!!! like the 2nd pic :)

    Lydz xX

  22. Awesome post.. as usual your blog is so inspiring!!!


    Have a good weekend!


  23. Cool pics, but I love the original moodboards!!


  24. Great post! Awesome pics!

  25. I need a black flag t-shirt stat but I hate breaking them in,,,they take years and a lot of muck and holes to make em look decent you know?


  26. Great pictures! Love that second one.

  27. sic, this spread is amazing
    yeah ahhah i use my husbands internet phone thing but its not the same its freaken slow for some reason . but monday ill have it back

  28. Where do you find all this stuff? The styling is amazing. Especially the third image. A whole new way to think about punk fashion.

  29. that's a very good editorial! it really captured the old punk's vibe!
    i would love to have to many of the clothes which appear there!

  30. soooo frickin' awesome, you're blog i so personal and unique! love.

  31. awesomeeeee. love the punkish vibes.

  32. Thanks for voting!

    These pics make me wanna shoot something NOW!


  33. really cooooooooool punk post

    love the 2d and last pic soooo much!

    kiss dear

  34. Great post!!!Love the second pic..:)



    Don't bother to pass by anytime…;)

  35. This is what I love seeing. I'm in love with these photos (and those moodboards too).

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