Q+A with photographer Paolo Zerbini

Hello beautiful people!
It’s time to introduce you to one of my favorite creatives: meet Paolo Zerbini, edgy coming up Italian photographer and director based in London. He’s got much to say and the freshness of his work is what excites me the most. In addition to publishing his works in the best alternative fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Vice, Sang Bleu, Vogue Italia, iD, Ward mag, GQ, Volt and Naag, he directs beautiful, underground-chic and sometimes ironic short movies which I adore.
Let’s see what he told me in his awesome interview.

Hi Paolo!
Tell us a bit about you and how did you get into photography.
I was born in Italy and picked up a camera really early….at 17 I went to the States and started shooting around the place like crazy…I went everywhere and shot everyone. I stayed for a year. The deal was done, I was going to be a photographer.

How would you describe your aesthetic in five words?
Light makes my pictures.

B/w vs color. What’s your choice?
When you can have both why choosing?


Your models are young, sexy, edgy guys. How do you choose them? And how do you like them to pose when you are directing the shoots?
When I choose girls I go a lot about the features and try to meet them…personality does a lot for me. When it comes to guys it’s pure instinct that I follow.
I tell all my models not to pose.

Which was the most exciting project you had been working on?
ummm….. I guess that my Vice projects are the most interesting and exciting. Going to Romania for a month with my pal Daniel O’Connor was also an amazing project to carry.

Which is the magazine you would love to shoot for?

You shoot quite a lot of fashion. Are you into fashion and style yourself? 
I like interesting people. That is the whole package is not just the fashion….do I go crazy for clothes and just have to have some bits? sometimes.

What do you think style is about? 
Identity and being able to change it thru style whenever we want.

if style was a place it would be…
Surely not Ireland.

And if it was a person? Do you have a style icon that you would really love to shoot?

You are originally from Italy, living in London. How does the city and its people inspire you?
Living in London inspires me massively every day of the week. I shoot a lot of street people and I am absolutely taken by them. I love Italy and I carry my heritage very close to me but right now London gives me a shot of espresso every morning that goes beyond Illy.

What is in your ipod?
The soundrack of the Monicelli movies, Bronto Scorpio ( a young german music maker who makes me trip). Electric Flowers, The Vergins, Esser, M. Faithful, lods more of course…and podcasts called “This American Life”

Your last concert?
Godspeed Black Emperor.

Your favourite food?
Pasta when I make it.

What is inspiring to you at the moment and how does the future look?
Rings on men. The future is looking so good I can’t even stare straight at it!!!

Thank you Paolo!


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  1. a really good photographer and a beautiful and sexy models picks up very accurately:)

  2. I am so loving his shorts! very well directed indeed and the Never Satisfied one is really funny :)

  3. Love the photos so much!

  4. Hai ragione!
    Ti seguo così ci teniamo in contatto!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hai ragione!
    Ti seguo così ci teniamo in contatto!


  6. Nice guy! I really love his photos! And, of course, all the alternative ways..

  7. great photos, love to see more and more


  8. great photos, love to see more and more


  9. love this post, so adorable photos!

  10. oh I love this! Fab pics x

    Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

  11. pretty cool shots. I've been scrolling the post back and forth a couple of times, gotta say.


    You have a cool blog by the way,
    hope u'll pass by

  12. wowwee, i love his photos, i'll definitely be finding out more about him, thanks for posting! x

  13. wowwee, i love his photos, i'll definitely be finding out more about him, thanks for posting! x

  14. I love the realness of his pictures, I feel like they are honest! Lovely post sweetie! What are you doing in the easter holidays? If you want participate in my giveaway and win a pair of TOMS:D Only if you want!

    Love Despite color

  15. the girl with the short hair and the braces looks so damn pretty.

  16. Great interview; thanks for sharing!! Happy Easter xx

  17. it was such a good interview kept me entertained and this photos are so fun too!
    Ps: yes fatass hahaha,

  18. That photo of the girl with her head shaved… her eyes are SO striking!

  19. this is awesome, his stuff is great and loving the black and white shots

    Lydz xX

  20. wooow very talented i love how he just started photographing haha!xx

  21. Gorgeous photos. Love your blog. Such an inspiration source.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.
    Karoline Kalvo

  22. thank you very much ^^

    who is this girl with shaved hair? i adore her style since i have see her on vice style!

  23. Amazing interview! His answers are raw and honest! I especially love it when he said he doesn't tell his models not to pose! No wonder all of his pictures are so natural! xoxxoxoo

  24. really amazinnnnnnnnnnnnn photos!

    love every single one!

    so cool:)and hot!


  25. so much awesome in a single post! i'm blown away!

  26. love! what an amazing opportunity to like, interview such a talented person, he has great stuff!

  27. love! what an amazing opportunity to like, interview such a talented person, he has great stuff!

  28. Wow his work is fabulous.


  30. Wonderful post! Thanks for a comment! :)

  31. Love the photos so much!

    xx Marina

  32. Great interview. Every image is so uncommonly sexy. Just beautiful.

  33. great q&a! these shots are STUNNING

  34. his pics are really amazing!!!


  35. Wow! Can't believe you got to interview him, I love his work so much!

    Frikken sick post babe!

  36. Love your interviews! You choose some amazing people! I love his work, every picture is like looking at a real moment…I love that he is not so 'fashion-y' in his approach.

  37. i didn't know him! i like a lot his photos, very young vibe!

  38. brilliant post. i thank you for sharing all your great interviews. they're always so interesting. love how you add videos and pics into the interview. well done!

  39. whoa such a talent!


  40. thx for answer! ^^ i think she haven't got a blog ….

  41. can't believe i've never heard of this designer before, because i love erotic/fetish photography so much. thanks for sharing, hope you had a great easter weekend.

  42. his work is stunning, thanks for sharing!! xx

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