Secret Identity

Images via coute que coute
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  1. love the first and second photo. abbey has such a beautiful face..


  2. Wow. I really like how your blog is set up. The photos are clean and I like your choices.

    xx THE CHEAP

  3. wow you always have the most inspirational photos! Love this!

  4. wow she looks edgy and versatile, Luv luv luv!!!

  5. Is it just me or is this Marylin Monroe meets punk! Best idea EVER!


  6. beautiful model and excellent photo!))

  7. love the second photo!wow xx

  8. omg!

    she is so hoooooot

    love her piercings


  9. Love the first pic! Awesome!

  10. Abbey Lee in leather harnesses? Very hot. I just love her more and more.

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  13. just gorgeous!!!!
    man love,hs photos

  14. this is so hot! loving both abbey lee and hedi slimane…bang!

  15. crazy cool! loving the fetish feel of it

  16. absolutely incredible! I love these photos :)

  17. I want a harness! It's so awesome. I want the Prada baroques too, I totally agree with you sweetie!

    Love Despite color

  18. I'm loving Abbey's haircut in these pictures! That mid-length is really versatile and chic!

  19. what a beauty this chic is!!! love the first pic
    Lydz xX

  20. Love this set! I also adore all her piercings.. She has such a sweet, innocent look to her without them!

  21. She's beautiful, love this editorial!

  22. Mesmerising. What a magical combination of photographer, model and stylist. I saved all of these to my inspiration folder, fyi.

  23. at first I wasn't sure about the blonde bob but now I am in love, more and more. she is gorgeouuuus


  24. Just expressive.In light, face, look and attitude. later, FashionLifeCoach

  25. Ugh she looks SO good lately. Can't handle it! :D

  26. Pure hot strength. xo

  27. ahh hedi. nothing to add.

  28. maryling monroe meets punk, oh yeah!
    apart from loving everything else, i WANT her hair!! x

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