Soup magazine | Issue #2

It seems like I am posting a lot of hair-gorgeousness in the latest period…
Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Soup magazine Issue #2 out now

Image via Coute Que Coute

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  1. wow! hair and a great photo as always <3

  2. what an a amazing cover. thanks for sharing. brilliant

  3. wow! im speechless! such an amazing cover!!

  4. Hi darling! Love all these ideas for styling, gives me a great deal of inspiration! The jacket is bought from the salvation army, and I made the shoulderpads and sewed them on, just like I did with the post "russian explorer"

    Have a nice weekend lovely!

  5. that's like a really really impressive cover! cool

  6. awesome cover… fuck that hair is good!!

  7. aha, that's great!

  8. wow, amazing!!

  9. Oh wow. This is just such a stunning cover. I love the hair. It's such an amazing shade of icy white.

  10. her hair looks like a cloud! love it!

  11. this is GORGEOUS! I want to bleach my eyebrows so badd


  12. Fab post! Thanks for sharing x

    Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

  13. Where, or where, do you find the best photos like this? I keep coming back here for inspiration and you never, ever fail to inspire me with your finds, thank you :)

  14. You always find the coolest magazines! The cover is stunning! My, all that hair! xoxoxoo

  15. awesome hair!

  16. she look amazing

  17. Wow the hair is fabuloussnesssss

  18. Oh yes, we wnjoy. At least I am!!

    Love this!! :)

  19. great post as always <3


  20. cool pic:)

    kiss dear

  21. all i can say its wow!

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