The McQ oversize mini dress

So…the other day I went out to shop some cheap basics from h&m and I came back with this McQ dress instead. How the f*@#k did it happened? Don’t ask me. I just couldn’t resist the asymmetrical cut, the zipper detail and the grey melange shade… the oversize/sweater shape has been a plus too! I have been checking out the entire collection, which is quite interesting indeed, and I found myself drooling over a few pieces. Check it out on the the MCQ website that has filmed 4 ordinary London women’ wearing the entire collection!

Wearing: McQ dress, random jewelry, Stark watch.

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  1. loving the zipper!! cool dress <3

  2. Really interesting cut – love it. It's laidback enough to be a good basic loose dress but the details ensure it can stand alone. x

  3. It's such a cool dress! It's better what a mini dress is comfortable, chic and designed by Alexander McQueen! xoxxooo

  4. you look awesome! loving your nail polish as well.

  5. Looks comfortable. The kind of cool dress that could be on high rotation! :)

    Thanks for your comment too. More shoe conversation to come no doubt! *lol

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  6. amazing, loving that kind of grey too! and loving McQ a lot ;) xxx

  7. im in love with the dress!!
    i follow you, i hope yo do the same!!:D

  8. Nice zipper detail, embellished on a minimalistic longline tee. later, FashionLifeCoach

  9. Thank you for your comment)

    Again you rejoice beautiful fotami you sexy girl <3
    kiss *

  10. love the new dress!

    (& can i say how envious i am that you are in italy! i spent 2 weeks in lucca a couple years ago… absolutely loved it!)

  11. really really beautiful!!!!:)

  12. thanks
    and i think you're daaamn beautiful!

  13. Amazing pictures!

  14. THAT is a gorgeous dress. It looks really great on you. One of these days I'll get myself a McQ piece. One of these days.

  15. I love that dress! It looks great on youuu!

  16. wow! such a gorgeous dress!! love it :)

  17. ahhhhh – the big reveal….
    LOVE IT!!!
    when am i going to see this tattoo that i keep getting snippets of?

  18. what a gorgeous dress!!! and it looks super comfy too, always a plus :)

  19. the zipper detail is so great. love the jewlrey your wearing too!!

  20. that's so cool!

    ~ x♥x♥ :)
    ~ x♥x♥ :)
    ~ x♥x♥ :)

  21. Gorgeous dress!

  22. super cool dress :)
    nice blog :)

  23. super cool dress :)
    nice blog :)

  24. ok, so you went to buy some h&m stuff but you ended up with a alexander mcqueen dress?! :)

  25. @ 0408pm well…yeah…the thing is that the shop where I got the dress is just on the way to h&m :)
    poor my wallet, it wasn't prepared for that…

  26. i love that dress. and want it so so bad. it fits you so well!
    i don't blame you for buying it- it's perfect for you!

  27. I love it! Is this your first outfit post? If so, you should definitely do more :)

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