GMG AW 11 | Sinister Sights in Synthetic Moonlight

Gabriella Marina Gonzalez AW 11/12 

Collection after collection I am more  and more captivated by GMG’s work: harnesses, leather, knitwear, buckles, bondage inspiration…every detail is insanely beautiful.
Currently lusting over the black pvc rectangular block shoes, what say thou?

Photographer: Masha Mel
Stylist: Paul Joyce
Model: Yanny and Eline at Select

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  1. yep agreed. those block shoes are amazing!

  2. the leg pieces are incredible.

  3. those shoes aire INSANE! i can see why you're lusting! also really liking the curved lines and organic shapes that she uses in her work, it feels very accessible.

  4. Mm, knitwear and leather always looks good together in my book. The thigh high garter piece is incredible. The colors and overall textures too!

    And I am glad you enjoyed my photos! I really appreciate your time to look through them :)! Thank you!

    Sasha Fay

  5. omg this are so badass i love everything!!! and yeah it sux i got so many awesome things that i cant wear yet=( hahah soon!

  6. Love the harnesses and yeah those wedges are awesome. Someone told me that bought the wedges from her last collection – the ones that Gaga wore

  7. wow…thanks for these pics…never come across this work before….so striking yet subtle at the same time…

  8. Dichotomous Darling says:

    This is awesome. Everything just looks perfect-I can't find anything I don't like!

  9. This is awesome. Everything just looks perfect-I can't find anything I don't like!

  10. beautiful clothes for nih_ excellent photos)
    I like it:)

  11. The leather work is outstanding! So beautifully made. Dig the wool too!

  12. Absolutely astounding.

  13. Girl Can't Talk says:


  14. oh my gosh, im just commenting on every post! i love the shoes too, such a strange shape. i like the way the suede goes all the way round and closes with the buckle

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