Hejing Chi | Traditional armour meets industrial age

Hey guys, have a look at my latest obsession: supple plastic moulded into statement jewellery and combined with fierce steel spikes. Isn’t it something to be crazy about?
Taking her cue from medieval armies of the past, Hejing Chi’s innovative collection is a feminine slant on a traditionally masculine realm. Melding the ancient and modern, Hejing Chi’s second collection takes inspiration from the industrial, with clear plastic and steel being combined throughout to create a uniquely androgynous aesthetic with a broad range of accessories including rings, cuffs and statement collars.

I’m in awe!

Image source: Blow
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  1. WoWzA!! I'm stunned, these are so very cool!

    I'd take all of it ANY time :)


  3. amazing. i really like the rings.

  4. wow)))
    very interesting and creative stuff:)

  5. beyond amazing!

  6. beyond amazing!

  7. Adoro gli anelli!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Adoro gli anelli!

  9. Cool, beautiful and super original.I'd like to wear them.:)

  10. Whoa, those would get mighty sweaty in the summertime, don't you think? They look so cool though–almost like they could fool the eye into thinking the spikes are embedded right into your skin!

  11. that's creative indeed!kind of cyber-punk elements, looks great!

  12. Oh my god…SO IN LOVE! Vinyl/plastic anything is amazing.

  13. all I can say is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW so beautiful!love it:) xx

  14. These are Acapulco GOLD!! I have a weakness for studs but this is upper echelons of funk-dafied tasty!

  15. Love these. Such a cool idea, I wonder how come no one tought of it before :-)


  16. love at 1st sight


  17. I have never found clear plastic wearable until now! These are so elegant and unique, and I love the inspiration for them!

  18. I want!

    Juliet xxx

  19. whoa the first one is awesome :)

    Lydz xX

  20. amazing and somewhat summery, love it!♥

  21. amazing and somewhat summery, love it!♥

  22. wow thats so fraken cool, a lot of creativity here

  23. never thought plastic and metal studs could look so good together! i'm specially loving the first one!

  24. Oh my God! I love these! I definitely need to follow your blog!

  25. wow!!! i absolutely love these pieces!! they are amazing!! :)


  26. Wow, I love this stuff! I want the first piece, the second, the third…Thanks for sharing the cool photos and drop by me too, soon.


  27. wow, everything you post is so fresh and thought provoking, keep it up I am in love with your blog. gonna go catch up on things I've missed since I've been sick. O!


  28. This collection is amazing.

  29. oh i like it. like it lots.
    thanks for sharing

  30. Gosh! I adore this too! I love unique art pieces that have an edge. This is brilliant!! -xxoo


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