Polaroids | chapter 02

Hello beautiful people! How are things going? 
Despite the fact that I have been madly busy I have found a little time to scan some of my polaroids I promised you in this post (more to come soon)…so enjoy these few details of me and stay tuned cause I have an exciting interview coming up this week.
Have a fab week ahead!

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  1. Awesome polaroids :)
    Have a brilliant week too :)

  2. oh I love them. so girly and edgy at the same time. and u look pretty too ;-)



  3. LOVE the polaroids! I'm somewhat patiently waiting for this interview! :)

  4. awesome, loving the jewels, and that nail colour. great pic quality

    Lydz xX

  5. life looks good for you. happy. balanced. cheers to an excellent week.

  6. i love polaroids. wish the film wasn't so hard to get!

  7. have a wonderful week yourself. great pics :)

  8. Aaaaw…the polaroids looks great.

    ..and now you've ticked off my curiosity; so now I'm dying to know about the interview :D

    Have a great week yourself…(it seems like it will be ;) )

  9. Hi honey! I'm glad your'e back! Such lovely polaroids! I'm excited too see more of you darling. Have a nice day!

    Love Iben

  10. great polaroids! what camera did you use?

  11. lovely polaroids!

  12. Amazing shoes.
    lovely pics!

  13. I love Polaroid's.. they are so much fun.. speaking for which.. love your photos
    Lee x

  14. man, i want your boots/sandals/buckles hahah those are sic, and the rest of the photos are awesome!!

  15. really cool pixx

  16. Great pics! I really like the coloring/aging done on them.

  17. love the blog, check out my new developing blog uncover me beauty x


  18. Lovely pictures! I like the shoes!

  19. Open buckled wedges look tasty!! – Cheers for sharing, look forward to the interview. :)

  20. love the shoes and all these inspirational details…

  21. thats a great window view


  23. love polaroids!!

  24. Lovely polaroids! It's so good to see your picture smiling! I'm excited to hear about the interview! You always choose the most interesting people! xoxoxoo

  25. love these pics!! polaroids are always so amazing :)


  26. I love the shoes and the ring! I hope you are having a nice week!

    Juliet xxx

  27. As always an excellent post and I like the photo))

    Look into my blog;)

  28. Love the polaroids. The grey nail polish looks fantastic!

  29. i love this polaroid series that you are posting!!!

  30. Abbiamo lo stesso anello d'argento! :P

  31. thanks for taking the time to post these gems !:)

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