Hectic days, crazy nights and lots of work to be done.
Regular posting should start again soon guys. In the meantime enjoy this Rad Hourani shots from Creem.

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  1. Absorbing rough urbanity! I've always enjoyed the unisex factor to Rad Hourani.

  2. haven's seen rad's work before. I like it… looks a bit like a more extreme herb ritz to me.


  3. good photos and they are so skinny …)

  4. I hear ya, sista – my work's mental at the moment too – deadlines coming out my ears. Have bunked off early to catch up on blog reading!

    Love these photos x

  5. Thanks for the follow…i don't think your blog could be more different from mine, but i have loved looking through your choice of photographs…stuff ive not seen before…so thanks! see you again i hope!

  6. Love the photos :) Suffering with a ridiculous luck of time myself all because of too many precious hours spent at the office as well but here's hoping for more creative time and blogging soon :)

  7. These are so provocative and wonderful.
    I love the post below this as well.
    Your blogs so inspiring, i love.

  8. I would enjoy them but it looks like holocaust porn. Yeeesh.

  9. Great blog! I love it!

  10. Love it, like all your posts!

    Darling that's ok! I understand that you have a lot of work! Don't worry! And thanks so much, it was quite fun!

    Love Despite color

  11. Gorgeous photos..
    I love dark photos.. it creates a whole different drama into it
    Lee x

  12. that s so cool and hot:)

    kiss dear

  13. very cheeky, but well done :)

    Lydz xX

  14. sorry i haven't been at your blog for a while, but haven't had time to blog myself either. work is so tiring now a days.. when i come home all i do is sleep..
    hope you're having a great week however. what do you work with btw?
    take care and have fun

  15. i wish i was working too, and keep myself busy like that
    but yeah girl, come back to your regular posting we miss all your amazing posts!

  16. Ahh that last shot cracks me up!

  17. wow i love it :-)

  18. love love love!

  19. Very provocative and raw! Sounds like you've been busy! Have an amazing weekend and can't wait for your new posts! xoxoxoo

  20. I love this, dark but sort of amazing. It's nice work!

  21. woah! this is intense! :P


  22. nice post, great pictures you always find!! :)

  23. i commented on several of your posts.. but they've gotten lost due to the blogger breakdown.. that sucks.. and i hear comments gotten lost at my blog as well. thinking of switching to wordpress now..
    Hope you're having a great weekend darling

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