SS11 is Black&White



I have just received the latest OnPedder zine and I have been very pleased  to discover that, despite the fact that this summer is all in technicolor, it brings a large exciting black and white selection with many of my fav designers, from Ann Demeulemasteer to Rick Owens, from Alexander McQueen to Alexander Wang an many more.
If you could just one piece which one would it be?
I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to choose just one guys.
It would be a hard match between Rick Owens and Ann D. wedges…toga flats and Falconiere jewelry just to mention a few.
Currently drooling and dreaming to get them all. 
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  1. I love that strap covered Alexander Wang bag, but the Alexander McQueen and Ann Demeulemasteer pieces are incredible too. I want it all!

  2. Oh my! SO much nice stuff! I'm so in love with the alexander m clutches with knuckle duster, so cool! Everything okay doll?

    Love Iben

  3. love this whole story.

  4. i want the necklace with the arm pendant.

  5. Ooo am on the hunt for new necklaces and there are some really nice ones in there! x

  6. Tasty Givenchy purse and organic measuring tape heels, enticing collection!!

  7. oh my, love them all.

    esp alexander wang -bag, sooo awesome.

  8. Omg! The RO knotted wedges again. The Divinitus and me need them. And the Ann D's so are so pretty too.

  9. I refuse to choose, I want them all :D

  10. Oh, I can't choose! I'm such a sucker for black and silver accents (or the other way around). The Ann D wedges or the McQueen anything, probably. Such gorgeous things.

  11. the shoes!! i'm in love!

  12. you're RIGHT!!
    can't pick just 1, these are great!!

  13. rick owens yes!@!

  14. I don't really know if I could chose just one, but it would be a really pleasant dilemma to have!

  15. i could really use some ann d wedges right now. i have no shoes!!

    oh those chain mail knickers are fabulous!

  16. All such cool, dark pieces. Digging that Wang bag at the moment.

  17. Love the bag with all the straps going across it… it would be a tough decision but I think that might make it as my favourite piece from the selection. xx

  18. i would choose the ann d's :D

  19. wow oh wow oh wow!!

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