Diesel Black Gold | Sailors and shipwreckeds @ Milan Fashion Week

Diesel Black Gold performance @ Diesel Penthouse Headquarters in Milan.
With the agency where I work - Golab – I have been doing all the graphic/communcation material for the event and I was there to see the show.
Despite the fact it was menswear only, I saw a lot of nice stuff I could easily wear, like distressed leather jackets, graphic tees and jumpers with hole on the elbows. Nice.
And the you know…it is always ok to see nice male models performing for Fashion Week…lol

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  1. those guys are hot ;)

  2. Hot guys and Diesel, what more do you need? Hahaha! I know they are gorgeous right? But not so much from the front, just from the back. have a nice day sweetie!

    xoxo Despite color

  3. i've fallen in love with that blazer. great pics!

  4. The diesel collections looks amazing. So raw…like that. And it's always a plus seeing male models for fashion week:P


  5. Great pics! Looks amazing =)

  6. The guys who work at Diesel store at my mall are hot too! You're so lucky to have a job where you can do exciting things like this! xoxoxoo

  7. I'm a bit jealous. These photos look great-I bet it was definitely a good show. :)

  8. this photos are so cool!
    im good just really tired and cant wait for him to sleep through the whole entire night hahha

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