Gaga’s blast party and Photo Diary

Hello beautifuls! How are you?? 
My last week has been really mad with no sleep, lots of work to do and guests at home that wanted to party every night. It was FUN but now I really need to recover lol!
Talking about parties, enjoy this awesome video of the high fashion sheningans at the suprise party that Formichetti and Stephen Gan organized for Gaga’s CFDA Icon award. A real blast!
And enjoy also some of my shots from the previous week made while I was on the set with photographers Daniele Mari and Makoto Nakashima. Kisses and rock n’roll! xxx

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  1. I watched this on Garbage Dress, go Zana Bayne!Woo! Looks like a fun fashion time :)

    Sasha Fay

  2. Rest up, sounds/looks like a busy fun week for you!

  3. NOT FAIR. I want to party with drag queens and lady gaga! I could do without Terry Richardson though.

    And your photos from the set look so fun! Hopefully you get a chance to recover this week, but at least you have plenty of beauty in your life to restore your energy and creativity :)

  4. Loved that vid, it was really well shot and Gaga is such a vibrant character on film. I love her hair, and am considering copying in in a slightly longer form and in orange instead of blue.
    Crazy weeks can be absolutely amazing but the time to recover is really important – I hope you are securely couch bound with a mug of tea and a season of something good to watch!

  5. awsum pics… love the colors.

    xx Paula || What's enough for a happy living?

  6. really cool photos :)

  7. Love your candid pics! Hope you have nice wee break form all the madness xx

  8. thaks for comment!

    love for you inspirations

  9. Hi sweetie! Everything okay? I'm loving this post, the vid was so cool! Gaga is such a vibrant character, but she's crazy! haha! Have a nice evening!

    Love Iben


    You gotta fight for your rights to party!! hehe
    Take care and have a rest! ;)

  11. I love the photo,,what is it salt/sugar/sand? It's crunchy and sexy!


  12. Such an awesome video! Sounds like you had a very productive weekend! I hope you take some time off to party with your friends :-) xoxoxoo

  13. awesome pics! love the ring!

  14. Ah tokidoki! These photos are amazing =)

  15. like a photo diary! its very interesting, i love the last photo, with the shoes and flower petals. i always take pictures of my feet, how funny

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