Our Lady of Latex

Crazy about latex.
In my dreams, one day latex will become socially acceptable and we will wear it to go to work.
Ok, just kidding. 
I am afraid this sexy material is not comfortable enough to be worn 9 to 5.  
Check out here the awesome interview with the first lady of latex Atsuko Kudo.
Photographer:  David Standish
Fashion editor: Kate Ruth
All clothing by Atsuko Kudo

Earrings by Dean Sidaway
Model Georgia Frost at Select
Make-up by Jaimee Thomas at Frank using MAC
Hair By Peter Beckett at Frank using Kiehls
Fashion assistant: Sharna Newton
Photo assistant: Mark Simpson
Special thanks to Joe at Select Model Management
Special thanks to Snap Studios.

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  1. That what I call fashion. love these editorial photos
    Lee x

  2. That's my dream, too! I actually wrote my whole graduation thesis about this haha! Someday darling, someday!

  3. this editorial is so freakin' hot!! I love it! god especially that patent swimsuit and black bodysuit.. wowowow… i want them all though, so sexy..
    Very nice blog and great post!


  4. Dichotomous Darling says:

    Oh latex, you look so wonderful in this editorial.

  5. Oh latex, you look so wonderful in this editorial.

  6. Amazing editorial, but I think I'm getting a yeast infection just looking at it.

    BTW the colorful house you saw in the background was where we stayed for part of our trip to New Orleans. that brightly painted shotgun style house is really common there. I love them too!

  7. che foto bellissime *.*
    ma come mai ti hanno messi contenuti per adulti??ahaha incredibile solo per qualche foto di nudo in questo e nei post prima..bah :)
    cmq foto veramente bellissime!
    io ti seguo!
    passa da me se ti va!
    un bacio

  8. Love this pieces- that's latex with a perfect cut..this formula could be improved to look more …conventional, and socially acceptable :) Imagine a chanel suit made in latex..

  9. i wanna see you wearin some latex. i bet you will rock it
    and those freaken boots are so sic

  10. Great editorial I love latex and the woman on blue is fantastic.

  11. *swoon* That second one is fantastic. Weirdly, as I was looking at these shots before I'd read your comment at the end, I was musing over why it is that latex isn't more socially acceptable/widely worn. I guess it's all about killer tailoring, which these outfits have in abundance.

  12. Wow, every picture is crazy sexy! I don't think it'll be comfortable to wear it all day either but it sure is amazing and pretty to look at! xoxoxoo

  13. oh dear!
    i love ur blog soooo much!

  14. omg, i looove latex! haha. i would love to have one of those tight bright colour latex dresses, though they're probably pretty uncomfortable!!

  15. genius!
    Amazing photography and designs as well.. thanks for sharing, I did not know this designer's work..
    awesome blog.. you've got really interesting stuff here, stay cool

  16. this editorial is dreamy and your blog is so damn inspirational

  17. This shoot manages to be so powerful and yet soft at the same time, really gorgeous stuff! The clothes are out of this world, and I am crazy about those tassel earrings.

  18. Love the dresses!!!

  19. Great photos! I would never think that I would like latex.. but its just so sexy! Love it!

    <3 Kelly

    Ps I just want to let you know that I'ved moved to a new blog: http://www.thekellytang.com. Please take a look and lemme know what you think! :)

  20. I love this so much! The photos and styling are amazing. Your blog is great–awesome images.



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