Psychotic dreams

Insane Italian editorial inspired by Emily Dickinson poem “Much madness is divinest sense”.
Loving the distressed walls, the head harnesses and the sick vibe.

Photographer: Elisabetta Porcinai
Styling: Ilaria Ciappina

© deluxxdigital

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  1. This editorial is just beautiful.

  2. Beautiful imagery. Love the combination of hard and soft.

  3. I fucking love this. Makes me want to stop eating and wear a leather harness all the time.

  4. they do have a sic vibe, diggin it!! love the one in color!

  5. Pure beauty, love the intensivity and special vibe of these.

    xx Paula || What's enough for a happy living?

  6. Love the first pic! Hope your friend is feeling better and happy now =)

  7. you weren't kidding about this post!!! absolutely stunning! ESPECIALLY the headpiece!!!

  8. The second picture is amazing! I love the last one too! I love looking that editorials that make me feel emotional! Your friend is so lucky to be working with those boys…one of my dream jobs was to work with models one day but I'm too awkward and not social at all so probably not :-) xooxxoo

  9. That first photo is just amazing, saving it in my inspiration folder :)

  10. the forth shot is sttttunnning

  11. great editorial !!!

    xx Marina

  12. right up my street, on my porch, pounding on my front door. i'll let it sweat a sec before answering. a beaut.

  13. this is genius.. seriously I'm loving it.. in what magazine was this spread printed?
    insanely cool..

  14. AY CARUMBA!….this is the most sensual thing ever….loving the sheer fabrics against the body harness, this is so hot its on FIYAH!

  15. Ugh what a beautiful location! That distressed house…love it!

  16. So thankful for all the very kind comments!
    For more photos see:

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