Ryan Parry | Pitmatic headwear collection 2011

Video via: Schon! magazine

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  1. Never heard of designer before? Thanks for sharing.

    My favourite piece would either be the spiked one with the light or the last one?

  2. really love this project!

    best find!

  3. these are so cool!

  4. you always post the most amazing things that i have never heard of! xo

  5. jesus!! Blogger warned me about the content on this blog just now?!? Well, Blogger warns me about the LeSmoke blog as well…omg…

    Well…anyways, I ignored it and continued. And once more I get to see beautiful pics…ah, really love you blog, sweetie!!! ;)

  6. great fashion and great pics. it's really amazing how you keep finding these things. thanks for sharing!

  7. fierce post! i like the hats a lot, and the lookbook photos are great
    thanks for sharing

  8. Such great stuff. I love how I can always find such unique stuff on your blog. It's always a source of inspiration.

  9. That last picture is how I'd like to dress.

  10. this is sick

  11. WOW that headwearr is amazing!

  12. i really enjoy findin out designers that i have no idea they existed thanks to you we do now!!!!

  13. love these headpieces, especially the circles and the sphere. really talented!

  14. psychodelic. i like it.

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