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Ann Demeulemeester I fuckin’ luv you | part 2


I wanted to make a post about this beauties I got from LN-CC quite a long time ago, but then the heavy heat we experienced in Milan since the spring began didn’t allow me to wear them as much as I wanted. And then, these gorgeous Ann Demeulemeester vitello boots were white…which was the reason why I bought them in the first place but still…I’m used to wear black all the time and probably I wasn’t prepared for such brightness in my closet, I needed some time to get used to it.

Anyway, here they are: easy total white outfit, perfect for a girls’ night out. Wearing them with my fav white tee ever FETISH&CONFUSED, handmade sheer shirt from Chinese boutique next door (best part is the studded skull on the back, I’ll show you another time) AA leggings and random jewelry.

Go here to read the Ann Demeulemeester I fuckin’ luv you | part 1 post.


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Interlude Orange


New short film by one of the top emerging photographer out there, Mr. MadeinVarma.

Sleek and sexy, just as I like it.


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Crushing over Sergio Rossi gold body plates but also over that mysterious tattooed arm…


Alek wears gold body plates by Sergio Rossi / dress by Roberto Cavalli


i-D Summer 2011
Photography – Matthew Stone
Styling – Matthew Josephs
Make Up – Isamaya Ffrench
Set design – David White
Model – Theio @ Elite London
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Rick Genest wears Ugo Cacciatori



 …and I like him even more!!


It is really no surprise that Ugo Cacciatori, one of my favourite jewelry designer ever, chose Rick Genest (already muse for Nicola Formichetti and star of Lady Gaga’s “Born this way” video) for wearing his stunning creations. Model and jewels have never matched so perfectly, simply enhancing one another. These shots, that have been published on GQ Italy last week, are the perfect excuse to show you some of my favourite rings from the Italian designer. And I suggest you to head over to his site to discover not only more jewels but also some leather accessories (belts, purses and more) absolutely wet your knickers style.

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Hey beautiful people!! Say hello to my new wordpress blog. 


Thanks to the gorgeous Vladan and his crew at Art & Code, migration was the easiest thing ever!

All I wanted was to have a much sleeker design without having to bother about the migration itself (hosting, followers, url redirection and all these kind of tricky stuff). He took care of everything. E V E R Y T H I N G. Such a STAR! ♥ Thank you Vladan!!! 

If I knew it was going to be such a piece of cake I would have moved to WP much earlier… 



And now that I got rid of the stupid Blogger content warning expect a lot of exciting posts guys!

Wish you all a fab week ahead.  

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Wobblinbetty is MOVING +

Hey beautiful people, this is just a wee post to announce that soon, very soon, I will be moving to WordPress. Url will stay the same but if you are following me via the old Bloglovin link, the one that I set up when I had still with a blogspot url, you should update to this new Bloglovin cause I am not sure that you will be still redirect from the old one.

Also, I am trying to bring all of you, dear Google Friend Connect followers, with me. But in case I shouldn’t manage come and look for me, right?
Kisses and rock’n roll! 
See you on the other side.

Pic above: Ferrater studio

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