Being an art director that works mainly for fashion clients I am always fascinated when I come across unusual lookbooks like this one, art directed and designed by Gulpstudio (photography by Cristian Di Stefano studio) for Gory the Palma SS10, that immediately grabbed my attention. 
Black and white photography  looks awfully nice when mixed with skeletons illustrations, isn’t it? 
…and it goes straight to my inspiration folder.
Have a fab week ahead guys!
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  1. Somehow these are incredibly rude, but still so inspiring and someway even beautiful. Great!

    xx Paula || What's enough for a happy living?

  2. i like it, how their body parts are replaced by skeleton illustrations.

  3. oh my god this is amazing

  4. Whoooa yess! I've been wanting to do a shoot for a while that includes cartoon-esque aspects. Love it!

  5. wow, these are amazing!

  6. I've never seen anything like this, amazing.

  7. really enjoying these images!

  8. YOU AND YOUR AWESOME EDITORIALS! Love these:) And thanks so much for being so sweet E, I thought it's been some time since everyone wore those, I'm bringing punk back!

    xoxo Despite color

  9. total madness
    I adore this

  10. VERY inspirational my love.
    happy Monday!

  11. This is really cool! =)

  12. This is one amazing lookbook. I really love the illustration aspect and the fact that it's all in black and white makes me love it even more.

  13. LOVE-Love-Love the photos! And the skulls! I'm fascinated about skulls.

    Are you the boy with beard of the second pic? Love man with beard also.


  14. this is so fun. i've always been interested in skeletons.. it's strange how we're all made of bones. and all look alike inside..actually kind of scary too.
    WOuld love to see your wedding snaps soon ;)
    hope you're doing great babe

  15. haha ok these are creepy in an awesome way=) ♥

  16. This is so interesting I absolutely love it, I havent actually head of the brand before so that's something new to me.. I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by Blonde Suburbia so glad to have found this blog!

  17. A really well created blend of illustrations and photography and of course the actual collection. Kudos to Gulpstudio!

  18. Really interesting! looks like a smart mix between nowadays fashion and the old medieval illustrations :))

  19. fascinating lookbook!

  20. wow!!!!! Simply amazing! great post!

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