Rick Genest wears Ugo Cacciatori



 …and I like him even more!!


It is really no surprise that Ugo Cacciatori, one of my favourite jewelry designer ever, chose Rick Genest (already muse for Nicola Formichetti and star of Lady Gaga’s “Born this way” video) for wearing his stunning creations. Model and jewels have never matched so perfectly, simply enhancing one another. These shots, that have been published on GQ Italy last week, are the perfect excuse to show you some of my favourite rings from the Italian designer. And I suggest you to head over to his site to discover not only more jewels but also some leather accessories (belts, purses and more) absolutely wet your knickers style.



Images source: www.gqitalia.it




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  1. Oooh dear this is so fuckin hawt!!!!

  2. those rings are amazing! I think i need one …or two ;)

  3. i saw this yesterday somewhere and yeah i was like wait he looks familiar.
    but anywys yes those rings so freaken awesome!!
    one day ill be able to afford something like this

  4. amazing shots♥

  5. The photos are spectacular. The jewelry is just amazing. What’s not to love about this? Nothing obviously. :)

  6. that is one incredible beautiful/brave man

  7. Oh my goodness, you can just imagine what an impact it would make to wear one of these beauties, amazing!

  8. god i love him

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