The 10th victim

This is one of the most inspiring editorial I have seen in a while. 
Rooftops, sheer masks, spikes and horns: looking at these shots just makes my mind trip, trip away.

Photography by Kristofj & Sean
Styling by Coline Bach
Hair by Kota Suizu
Makeup by Namiko Takemiya
Model(s) Drew Phelps @ d1 Model Management
Stylist Assisted by Matilda Nilsson
Special Thanks to Hoopla PR, Bloody Gray PR, Maria Francesca Pepe, Not Just a Label.
© Ones2watch

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  1. the Patrizia Pepe sheer mask is terrific

  2. A striking concept for an editorial of a crime forensics scene nature!

    Additionally combined well with a mix of knitted style clothes and enticing accessories by some edgy sizzling designers. Nice to see Bitching + Junkfood there too.

  3. This is really inspiring!! I NEED a sheer mask… now pass me those stockings, prit-stik and sequins!

  4. You have awesome pictures on your blog!

  5. beautiful photographs

  6. Wow, the second picture is quite stunning! Definitely one of the most memorable editorials! xoxoxoo

  7. cool shit.

    love the black mask long gown experience.

    cool stylish punk glam street fashion heroes.

  8. i love the first photo, yeah ive been busy and not sleeping at all but its worth it , finally some time to reply to comments i barely have some time to post but im managing hahha

  9. Hahaha… Sorry!! :) I promise that never I'll back to say you are a boy… With beard!! Oh my god, I'm ashamed.

    The pics are AMAZING. The 2th and 7th are my favourites.


  10. wow, these are amazing! quite intense!!

  11. omg I love the pic with the mask!

  12. oh my goodness these are unreal, the perfect balance between simple and sci fi. I am in love with the wollen onesy. I don't even understand it but I want it! The colours in this are both warm and cold, just a flood of perfect. This is fashion


  13. oh my.. cant describe how much i love this. (im back btw!) X

  14. You always post the most amazing things.

  15. Chillingly lovely. Dreamy and nightmarish all at once. Great colours, great location, and the way the material has been manipulated makes for such beautiful, memorable drama.

    Shit, I love your blog. It always jolts me awake. In a nice way.

  16. Those are amazing, I have the sudden urge to knit a dress now :D

  17. Love this. I was just thinking how I enjoy coming to your blog for a nice antidote to the sugary sweetness that fashion can be.

  18. I love editorial that aren't afraid to be amazing and experiment with the clothes. So pleased that you stopped by my blog so I could see yours!

  19. fab knitwear pieces here!

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