Are you a Saint or a Sinner?


Look at these two dolls from Saint + Sinner AW 2011 campaign. Which one is more you? Are you a candid soul or are you charmed by the dark side of things? Or both? Since when I was a little girl, since when I can remeber, I have always been enthralled by enigmatic and evil characters. I remember  asking to myself if that was really wrong or not. Was I a sinner? And did I need a saint to redeem my soul…? But one thing was already pretty clear, sinners have more fun.

Art & Photo: Julius Bramanto
Stylist: Thornandes James
Hair & Make Up: Philip Kwok
Model: Ksenia & Alena @ JIM
Photo Assistants: Retno Prasasti (Asty), Ken Arini, Ranny Monita, Shuri, Sigit, Adit
Stylist Assistant: Rajasa Paramesywara
MuA Assistant: Ari & Bintang Droe

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  1. This is an amazing campaign!
    I most definitely lean towards the darker side. My first style icon was Cruella deVille – but I’d never hurt a wee puppy. So where does that leave me? Hard on the outside and soft in the middle? x

  2. wobblinbetty says:

    I totally agree on the Cruella deVille thing…and I was neraly going to mention her in the post you know!!!! :D

  3. Feel you on this one! I always thought the Malfoys made a much more stylish bunch in good old HP; and have often sided with the chic-er villains in Disney films.
    I second Madame G – Cruella was one fierce lady, I dyed my hair to copy hers (albeit with more punk influence) when I was 16.
    This editorial is great, love the creative direction – the photos have transcended mere photography and become mixed media, very interesting.

  4. the pop of blood red makes it amazing

  5. Unfortunately I don’t have any plans..I’m gonna have a little trip to Paris to do some buying for my company, so I look forward to that! I’m gonna drown myself in macaroons and pink cigars for sure! How about you? How have you been?

    xoxo Despite color

  6. hmm i’d be a sinner in the form of a saint? haha. great post and thanks for the add!=)♥

  7. I’m always fascinated by evil characters too! I don’t like to be cruel or mean to anyone but I think it’s fun to see them in the movies..In real life, not so much. These photos are really great and raw!

    P.S. I’m really crazy about that wolf dress from Market HQ too! It’s fierce! xoxoxoo

  8. These are great.

    I’ve always been more attracted to the darker side of things. In writing, cinema, etc. I am usually drawn toward the villain. I think it has a lot to do with how I view humanity though. We have a bit of both in us and understanding that can make the world seem more complex. So I guess I’m somewhere in between. Aesthetically, I’m definitely in the middle.

  9. Love these photos.

    Miss Bias

  10. I Have to say that I’m always more atractted more to the dark. I’m not a dark person but I love dark phography, art, fashion. I think I like it more because most of the people try to do nice, pretty, good stuff and fo me the good and dark go together all the time. xx

  11. OMG! loving this pictures!!!! And I lov♥ the whole concept!

    Follow my blog so I can find you again.

    xxxo :)

  12. These photos are really cool!! I love your blog! :)

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