I want you to be crazy cause you’re stupid baby when you’re sane


I’m sick of social crazesShow your sharp tipped teethLose your cool in publicDid the legal meet.


I want you to be crazy 

‘Cause you’re boring baby when you’re straight 
I want you to be crazy 
‘Cause you’re stupid baby when you’re sane


Listening to the Kills and having fun editing yesterday’s night out pics. Here is the result with some of my fav shots, twisted and rocked just as I like them.


Wearing: h&m tank top, Diesel Black Gold necklace, Calvin Klein studded bracelet, Chanel purple lipstick, Margiela pleated pants and Jeffrey Campbell buckled wedges.




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  1. Love all the photos! Have a great week! n__n

  2. Great effects on your pics! And thanks so much for the reassurement! I was working with an amateur photographer you see, but I didn’t realize that before I got to see the pictures, she told me she had lot’s of experience:(. That stuff sucks!

    Have a nice evening belle!

  3. You are fearless, love it!


  4. You know what? I love that song! I heard it on the Versace runway show and the lyrics always makes me smile, haha :-). Hope you had a great weekend! xoxoxoo

  5. those shoes are AWESOME

  6. Your wedges are fantastic. Just really cool!

    Hope your weekend has been a good one!

  7. great shots!!!! love your shoes!!!!

  8. After seeing these awesome photos I hope we get to see more of your photography, these are amazing and you look super cool :)

  9. love the title and the pics to accompany it.

  10. black and white uncoloured blust.Love it.

  11. love that song, it’s one of my favourite ones from Midnight Boom, actually, it’s one of my favourite ones from The Kills at all!
    nice editing with the pictures!


  12. oooh, I love me some kills. She rocks. Like Meg from White Stripes rock!!!!
    And these pics are beyond unbelievable. Really, haven’t seen such great work in a while. xxx


  13. Great post! And thanks for your lovely comment :) Im following now!


  14. Hang loose time…. in it’s black and white rawness. hope your enjoying vacation

  15. sweet shots here and i love the kills.
    hope you’re having a good summer babe

  16. II want that pair of shoes <3

  17. Hi dear, thanks you so much for your comment on my blog, your blog is lovely and I have to say I like the photos, you did a great job with the colors, really nice! Your blog is lovely and I’m a new follower! Hope you’ll follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  18. Wow, your blog is amazing! *w*

    C’est la vie

  19. I LOVE THAT SONG!!! nice shoes :)

  20. woooooooow this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x

  21. outfit post my favorite ! you look so freaken cool wearin those shoes
    they are killer just like your blog and obvioulsy you=)

  22. oh sorry to hear about the pink hair yeah i tried to dye my hair long time ago and it got fried so bad

  23. i’m sure i say this everytime i’m here, but why you so fucking rad girl?
    i just envy how groovy you are. pity you’re not in sydney or i’d demand a hang out.

  24. Great photos! Looks like you had a *killer* night out ;)

  25. Love this! Your blog is cool, I’m following

    Look my blog and follow me if you like :)



  26. great blog and post<3333.LOVE BLACK & WHITE and tht shoes.im fallowing you now. please fallow back, it means a lot to me. Kisses

    http://lastylemuse.blogspot.com/ visit mee

  27. grrrrr right back at you stunner♥

  28. fierce. i love this. addicted already

    keep going,

  29. LOVE these photos ! and of course the kills!! xx

  30. Oh man! I love the shots of the shoes! So clear throat black’n'white


  31. Great music! =D
    I love those wedges! And the photos came out really cool, I love the editing! =)

    thanks for passing by! =)
    Kisses, Pi

  32. Aweome shoes :) This place has changed a bit since last time I visited. I love that you have your own domain now, and the new comments section is sexy.

    You know the Kills lyrics? Where you’ve put ‘did the legal meet’, I think it’s ‘dig that illegal meat’. Could be wrong though, that’s always a possibility with me. :P

  33. and crazy it is!love the effect and the boots! they look perfect

  34. greaaaaaaat shots

    <3 the wedges

  35. yeah i hate when it takes forever to come to me hah

  36. LOVE these images!!

  37. amazing photos and blog I am following you
    thanks for your comment


  38. the shoe shots are amazing! like an ad! great work!

  39. aaaaaahhhh, one of the best songs everrrr!
    i love your photos, they match the song really well, haha x

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