inspiration: Get your hands dirty


Make up by Ania Grzeszczuk

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  1. Ok, I’ll get my hands dirty with him :D Oh, no, wait, I’m married, I better not :)

  2. ou, thats interesting!

  3. This is gorgeous. So simple but I love it.

  4. oh i love it!

  5. the fact that this jacket has a zipper on the back is freaken awesome

  6. Loving it tons.

  7. ooh, styling ideas keep popping up after seeing those painted hands! So what’s up this weekend? Doing something fun?

    xoxo Despite color

  8. That is one luscious leather jacket.

  9. love the zipper on the back of the jacket in the second photo

  10. yeah, get you hands dirty, but make it in a creative way :)
    Remember Michele Lamy’s ink stained hands? Love those, too

  11. Beautiful jacket! Thankd for youir lovely comment :)

  12. fabulous pure inspiration! love the texture of the leather! maybe painted hands will be the new trend this season! but it looks smashing

  13. sick jacket!

  14. A delightful way to get one’s hands dirty. I ought to do the same;-)

  15. <3 all these pixx:)

  16. SO strange, yet SO cool looking!!

  17. pretty awesome! and really subtle, cool idea for a photoshoot!

  18. That jacket is fabulous! I adore it in so many ways!

    <3 Kelly

    PS, I’ve missed your blog love!

  19. I have been looking for the perfect leather jacket! and this looks pretty amazing to me :)

  20. love this! so original!

  21. Oh, black leather, I love it! Great photos, thanks for sharing!

    kisses, pi* =)

  22. Really cool illusion of hands in photography! I agree with your comment wholeheartedly! I just feel like everywhere I turn, there’s snark and I wish people would just take it easy with their criticism and not go too far. xoxoxoxo

  23. love the neckline of that jacket.brilliant

  24. hey! nice website!! check us out too, we have tons of leather jackets! thanks!!

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