ones to watch: Kim Traeger’s Run-over Rabbit

Meet the macabre and cute bionic rabbits from Kim Traeger‘s latest collection and read the awesome interview with the Danish designer on Dazed and Cofused here.


[…Dazed Digital: You final collection is based on a story of a rabbit, can you tell us about it?

Kim Traeger: The story is about a rabbit that was driven over by a car when it was crossing a road at night. When it stands up with its intestines in the paws, it realises that it is the Easter Bunny. We follow the bunny from the accident to the hospital where it was patched together and then to the white forest. My idea was to create a feeling that would be macabre and cute at the same time.

I try to come up with these stories, first of all to have a bit of fun, but also to get inspired in different ways. It allows me to research broader spectra of things, which I can play around with and combine in different ways….]

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  1. LOVE the rabbit story!!
    (so twisted!!)

  2. my good this is stunning!!! :o

    // yea, he is mine ^^. And he likes to keep his tounge out for no particular reason x)

  3. Feeling a bit disappointed you’re promoting bunnies in fashion after my last post on Secret Fashion Diary, but whatever (just kidding :D) Collection looks stunning.

  4. // haha, aww. Im pretty sure he’d love you too! haha, he’s so weird, so ugly looking and beautiful at the same time. luf him <3

    xxx : )

  5. Oh god totally amazing!! Haven’t seen so cool post for a while. Love.

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  6. wow amazing love it!!xxx

  7. the bunny masks are so cool!!

  8. never thought a rabbit driven over a car would make such good fashion inspiration!

  9. very very original! Thanks for sharing :)


  10. haha great photos :)


  11. this is insane so much art here and the shorts are from youreyeslie website!

  12. Ahh, thanks so much for sharing this it’s amazing! I love the masks and the new take of the basket on a stick is the best idea ever :D

  13. This is absolutely fabulous! Never seen her work before – thanks for sharing!

  14. i like rabbits. and i do see the story behind.
    absolutely adore the detailing in especially the woven accessories
    thanks for always sharing such amazing and interesting collections. you’re so great

  15. Totally macabre but lovely and cute add the same time! Amazing job. x

  16. Macabre, for sure. In a really fantastic way. It’s such an eye-catching collection.

  17. So gorgeous pics!!

  18. He totally nailed it! the story is cute and macabre and the outfits are totally awesome! great stuff

  19. ooh this is funk-dafied!! the textures the weave the head-masks glorious creative collection.

  20. This is so fantastic… the concept, the clothes, the accessories! The masks… like a twisted fairy tale… I love it!
    Thanks for sharing this!

    kisses, pi*

  21. WOW, what a stunninglly creepy collection. i love this

  22. macabre rabbits <3

  23. damn, like the second one.

  24. Fucking brilliant.

  25. Ooohhh, fashionable arm-slings?! Now this is something I could get into.

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