Nude, metal and leather. Yes please.



So much into her giant razor blade necklace, wondering how to make/get anything similar. And the total nude outfit is really hot, right? It’s second time in less than 48 hrs that I crush over nude pants…first time has been yesterday when I saw the gorgeous and always inspiring Phillipe LeNerd wearing them here. And then today in this superb editorial from Schon Magazine Lucky 13, (of which every single page is amazing). But still, I cannot picture myself wearing anything similar…or maybe yes?


© Schon


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  1. Krista Gassib says:

    These images are gorgeous! I am in love with this long hair guy!

  2. That first photo is awesome. Nude pants? Hmm, if you pair it up with some amazing accessories like these, why not?

  3. That third outfit down is so hot!

  4. Ahhh I adooore the first picture as well. You’ve got a great blog going here!

  5. I love all these accessories! Especially the ones in the last photo! Great looks :)

  6. The all nude outfit is really great. I don’t think I could wear nude but I can definitely appreciate it when done right.

  7. Love it love it! Specially the second photograph <3

  8. Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing! =)
    And about the nude pants, I think they look so good on skinny people. On me, in the other hand, I don’t think they look so well =P

    kiss, pi*

  9. awesome, AWESOME! Love the arm band:D! Thanks so much for your sweet compliment darling!

    xoxo Despite color

  10. That nude jumpsuit is pretty amazing! I love the belt! Great styling! xoxoxoo

  11. wow the jumpsuit!!xx

  12. oh god dear! you should link me up for this
    so honored! ahah srsly you’re the best!
    and well, nude is the new black..
    so you should!!! you should
    thank you for the feature my sexy!

  13. wobblinbetty says:

    Phillipe I am already on the hunt for some nude trousers like those ;)

  14. Awesome photos!!

  15. yes you can your skinny you can pull that off, you should totally wear that
    if you do you HAVE to post it

  16. beautiful accessory & perfect styling! I love the guy with the bible!

  17. the third photo is amaaaaaazing!

  18. I love nude colour is so easy to style with everything don’t you think? About the jewllery I love it! I wonder if I could make it myself honestly it has been in my mind for a long time I have been thinking even to take a jewllery course I just see this wonderful jewllery and I want to have it or even better create it! but I don’t know if I would have the patience.

  19. i think YES. that outfit looks amazing.♥

  20. I love the jumpsuit!!;)


  21. Wow!! The giant razor blade necklace is AMAZING.
    And I’m in love with the boy of the last photo, haha. ;)
    Photos are really cool.


  22. I’m loving this pictures!!!!!!

  23. sv: Prozac nation is a great movie! Christina Ricci does a fantastic part as the main character :)

  24. That razor blade necklace is seriously like wearable art! LOVE it!

  25. The necklace is beyond amazing! Can’t wait to get my grubby mits on the magazine.

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