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[above: Fashion film for THREAD ON FILM curated by Blackmarket Singapore. Presented by THEM.SG - Film by: Judd Figuerres - Featuring: Your Evil Twin - Clothes by: PROUDRACE]



If you are following me since a while you should recall the total red (and rad) collection by the Manila based design duo Proudrace that set me on fire last New Year’s Eve. For the new season AW11 they are back with a new exciting collection, titled *H E A R T C O R E*, minimalist, super edgy and rock’n roll inspired. I had the pleasure to talk to the design duo behind Proudrace, Pat and Rick, to interview them. Guess what? It turned out these guys are really hot…check them out.



Hi Pat and Rik!

Tell us a bit about Proudrace and how did you guys meet?

We’re a clothing label based in Manila, Philippines. When we met 4 years ago, we started out making t-shirts with another partner after some time we decided to take a hiatus. After about a year we started Proudrace and now we’re on our second year working on the label.


Who are the protagonist of your new FW11 collection “Heartcore” and what is the inspiration behind it?

We try not to dig too deep with our inspirations. When it comes to inspirations we like to stick to the things that we know best and most of the time look around us. This season we got inspired by rockstars and their lifestyle. We drew inspiration from rock icons like Kurt Cobain, Axl Rose and Sid Vicious. We also wanted to interpret how the women in their lives would probably dress in our clothes.



How would you describe your aesthetic in five words?

Minimal, relaxed, grunge, moody, basic.


Which colors and materials have you been using and experimenting with?
This season we sticked with most of the fabrics that we’ve been using for the past seasons, cotton, modal, knits mostly. But we also changed a few to fit the season; we replaced our staple leather with suede and just used it as details and patches for our jumpers. We also did a complete overhaul on our usual palette, this season we didn’t use black which we’ve been doing for the past collections. We opted for a lighter palette and used nudes and greys.



How would you like to see your garments worn?
We just leave it to their imagination, But for us less is more. We like to keep things simple. 


If this collection was a song, what song would it be?
Hahaha oh this is a difficult one. Probably The Pixies’ Where Is My Mind just because we’ve been listening to this track the whole time the collection was being made.


What do you think style is about?
It has to be effortless.


if style was a place it would be…
Beverly Hills 90210’s set haha.


And if it was a person? Who’s your style icon?
Chloe Sevigny. We’ve always thought of her style to be so endearing.



What is in your ipod?
Haha Katy Perry, Been listening to some country music too; Fleetwood Mac. Major Lazer and this band called Shimmering Stars have been on loop. Also The Virgin Suicides soundtrack because we’re using some songs from it for a fashion film that we’re working on.


What´s in and what´s out?
In= An asian invasion Out= Negative attitudes

Your favourite food?
Korean BBQ!


Describe your perfect day…
Those days when we get to relax and maybe go to the beach and not answer our phones.


What is an absolute “must do” in Manila?
The midnight food markets are pretty awesome.


What is inspiring to you at the moment and how does the future look?

Right now we’re really inspired by each other’s personal fashion choices. Our latest thrift store acquisitions, clothes that we got at  80% off. Lol. Also how awkward our hair’s been growing. Random and weird things like that. We feel like in the future everything will go back to the basics. Asia is the future. We want to see more independent labels recognized globally in the future. Definitely it will be blinding bright!


Thank you guys!

Film by: Judd Figuerres - Models: Marita Ganse - Mark Brown - Make up:Sam Gallardo - All clothing by Proudrace A/W 2011




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  1. such an amazing feature! thanks for sharing it. i adore the photos and am right off to yet again see more of this interesting brand.

  2. of course I remember their red collection!!! this one is cool too, loving the nude/grey shades…

  3. Love their clothes and love their attitude. This was a great interview, thanks for sharing :)

  4. wow he is beautiful, his face. his face! I could look at it for hours


  5. nice brand and cool guys :)

  6. thank you sooo much for sharing! :D

  7. this is awesome

  8. Great post! Thanks for sharing! =)

    kiss, pi*

  9. What an amazing brand and their pieces are so effortless but sophisticated! Yes to the Asian Invasion :-) xoxoxoo

  10. nice nice clothes! oh, and thanks for the discount! ;)


  11. the long simple dress is my favorite

  12. Great description they gave for the line I can entirely see the grunge, yet minimal elements in their aesthetic. it seems like smooth knits to wear.
    Madison :)

  13. Awesome photos! :)

  14. niiice photos, love it

  15. amazing photos!
    thanks for your comment


  16. Very nice collection. Definitely minimal and grunge. I like it a lot. I could probably wear pieces of this all year round (and nonstop too).

  17. Great collection and interview! I love the fringe jacket and the dresses. xx

  18. omg this is amazing, i’m totally checking it out!♥

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