Today’s make-up inspiration

What do you do the day before the holidays start? Play around with some metal foil in order to get the look from Gareth Pugh catwalk, of course! I must admit that keeping the foil sticked around the eyes is not very comfortable to walk around but the result is very impressive indeed. Plus, the alluminium foil matches perfectly the metal detail of the sectum piercing popping out of my nose…

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  1. This is insanely cool!!!

  2. you look amazing!!! how did you stick that on your eyes??? I wanna give it a try :)

  3. I am amazed. How on earth did you get it to stay? You’re beyond badass.

  4. You look amazing :)

  5. You look da bomb!! Might have to nick that idea at some point … Happy Holidays! xx

  6. that looks awesome! How the hell did you get it to look so good? Nice work.

  7. So amazingly fabulous! You look like a super heroine from the future. Beyond love it.

  8. Wow! That’s beyond cool! You look like a character from a Tarantino’s movie! xxoxoxoo

  9. brilliant idea girl. looks fantasticly futuristic.
    great new layout too,. sorry i’ve been missing out on your blog lately.
    hope you’re doing great babe

  10. I would be afraid to blink my eyes. It looks amazing and it just goes to show the bigger the risk the greater the reward!

  11. Thank you for the comment :) I’ll never take them out! ^^
    And I must say, that look was amazing! And absolutely a good combination with you septum :) You need to tell us how you made it stick to your face, I see there is more people than just me that want to try that look ;)
    Really nice blog and so much great pictures. I’m a ‘follower’ now :)

  12. // Thanks for the comment :]
    I love this inspo! DIY<3

  13. Re: Thank you, doll!

    This is so cool! Very “Tron”-ish

  14. I LOVE this! so amazing! You are Brilliant! xx

  15. awesome blog! Thank you for your nice comment :)

  16. So awesome! =)

    My dear, thank you so much for your kind comment! It means a lot to me, it really does =)
    I’m glad you liked the pictures and the blog.
    Thank you!*

    kisses, Pi

  17. That’s great inspiration:)

  18. Bloody hell this is cool. All I want now is an event I can rock this look at. :-) )))


  19. A completely rad funk-dafied futuristic look! carved out perfectly with your eyes, complemented well with the black matt nail varnish! You should do some more D.I.Y’s

  20. wowowow,I love the two hair splits and metal eyes I want, robot chic!



  22. ♡I love it so much!!!!!!!
    from your follower! ♡

    With love Little Sable

  23. wowza, this makeup is so cool!

  24. YESSSSS!! That is so Gareth Pugh! Lovve.

  25. Now that’s a perfect make -up :) I love the alternatives!

  26. stunning stuff, seriously♥

  27. Sweetie, this is just too cool! You have so many extrordinary impulses and ideas, I love it! I think I’m gonna try some of this at my next photoshoot! How are you now darling?


  28. Wow this looks amazing on you! I love the half moon foil nails on pughs original too.

  29. love the pics. and especially her nails!!!!

  30. This shit looks awesome. Love her Ruffian manicure as well.

  31. This looks great! Probably not a practical look for a night out on the dancing, but awesome all the same!

  32. i noticed the detail on the nails too, im obsessed with nails at the moment!

    and oh lady, if anyone can rock this foil eyshadow thing, you can! x

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