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The hottest Russian collective, Chickenshit, that I had the pleasure to interview a few months ago for my blog – check their interview here - is back with another super juicy collaboration.


This time the Saint Petersburg based guys have teamed up with Karl Grandin, ex art director of the influential Swedish music magazine Pop and founder the clothing label Cheap Monday. A set of three handkerchiefs and two t-shirts, strictly black and white and packaged in a black wooden matryoshka doll, have been launched in conjunction with the Spectacle art show in Saint Petersburg. I so wish I was there…Saint Petersburg is every day more on my “MUST GO AND VISIT” list!

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  1. loving the matrioska concept!

  2. St. Petersburg is gorgeous city, I have been there twice already, and loved it at the both times. It’s city full of surprises, culture and fashion, good food and amazing people. I really suggest you to visit there!

    These shirts are amazing. Love the idea of matryoshka doll!

  3. right up my street!

  4. oooh thank you so much ! this is kind!

  5. You’re so right, who cares?


  6. wow, these are amazign designs <3

  7. steal away!! =) that print on those are really cool!

  8. ou, some of these are very interesting. the combined icon cought me.

  9. Ooohh.. Interesting ;)

    Re: I know! I think it’s my new favorite :)

  10. Such interesting shirts! The first one held my eye for nearly 5 minutes. I just kept going back up the page!

  11. I need that sweater!

    Love Grace.

  12. love all these pretty muuuuuuuuuuuuuch

  13. I NEED the 1st tshirt.

    The space looks so nice and the concept is really cool!

    x Jonas

  14. really nice post !!!

    check out my new post !! kisses XXX

  15. So much creative thought and work has gone into this, something that I love to see, absolutely brilliant concept :)

  16. Matrioska with a twist, I love it! CREATIVE I want one for decorative purpose. The minimal interior set-up is wonderful too combines well with the clothes.

  17. I like all the beautiful graphic stuff there! And the package-idea of these minimal matryoshkas – that’s just smart and perfect!!

  18. omg these are all super cool!!!

    love black magic and all things dark!

  19. haha you aren’t the only one.. a lot of people thinks it’s me. but no. i wish. haha.
    i like them babooscha dolls! thanks for sharing this collection

  20. yes girl! such a different post and i love the rock and rolla atmosphere!

  21. Ahhh, i love those prints! Always happy to see Yin Yangs on clothing :D

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