Always amazed by Gilles et Dada lookbooks…

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Everyone runs the stairs
with every step, a bigger smile
until we realize
there is no end
there is no door
where are you going?
hell… i don’t know…
its all made up
trick of life, or just a ride
rise your voice
and he said
too rich to care
too beautiful to speak
this is why you are here
living the struggle
this is my time for war
to break the fear
this is your time for war
to break the chains
in the end
freedom has one name
too stupid to see
or too smart to admit
-Federico Cabrera




Model: Kirsi K / Brand
Styling: Jasmin Mishima / GILLES ET DADA
Assistants: Udi Salminen, Joie So Hryggur, Teemu Hursti
Photography: Federico Cabrera / GILLES ET DADA

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  1. really amazin pixx


  2. so amazing artworks
    loving the text too

  3. The second picture is amazing and the jacket in the third picture is gorgeous! I love how haunting these photos are…kind of in a romantic way! Thank you for the lovely comment…I have no idea why some people are bored either..there are so much to learn and do! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxoxoo

  4. really interesing photos. a admire climate of your inspiration…

  5. This editorial is just so dramatic! I love the editing and the sharp lines. thanks for showing. :) x

  6. LOVE this look.

    please follow me and let me know what you think!

    can’t wait to hear from you!!


    kisses polly x

  7. Mind blowing photos the effect creates a lot of context and movement! Is different to the normal lookbook.
    The poem is beautiful too. x

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