Q+A with fashion designer Claudia Ligari

When I first came across Claudia Ligari‘s work last season I got really impressed by her SS 11 collection and flagged her as “one to watch”.  A season later she’s back with another outstanding collection “rilievo.modulare” that once again explores a completely different way to express the strength of feminine sensuality. The materials I love (sheer, lightweight crepes and hammered silks combined with strong impact materials such as leather and pvc) are still there imposing forms that hide the figure but still keeping the silhouette accessible throughout. Once more I find myself fascinated by every single piece created by the talented Italian born designer.

I had the pleasure to talk to Claudia and to ask her a few questions about her vision and inspiration. Check out the awesome interview she had with me:

Hi Claudia!

Who is the woman protagonist of your FW11 collection “rilievo.modulare” and what is the inspiration behind it?

I wanted a chic urban look that resembled the 90’s, with some athletic accents. My intention was to create garments that were deceiving the eye, with shapes visibly appearing under the cloths. It all started off when I was looking at the famous artistic duo Christo and Jeanne Claude, who wrapped anything possible like monuments, buildings and even islands into cloths/fabrics!
They inspired me to use this “graphic message” in my collection.
Cubic shapes-appearing as embossed details and square laser cut outs, dominate the garments.
My ideal customer wears leather mixed with fluid long skirts and dresses bringing together chunky and functional shapes- femininity in an unconventional way.
Still using my distinctive feature of cut outs, this time I went a step further, with cubic shapes standing off the garments, which intends to give a stronger visual impact.


Which colors and materials have you been using and experimenting with?

I’m a monochrome person!!! My colour palette is usually black or nude shades but this time I’ve also included some white pieces which really complemented the concept.
As in my previous collection I have still experimented with leather, but the most exciting this time was collaborating with a textile designer. We developed a beautiful magnetic net out of silicon and metal.
It’s handmade and it took a week to make only 1 meter of fabric! I love it and I’m planning to play more with this in the collections coming.


What is the statement a person is making when she’s wearing your clothes?

My woman is strong but soft, elegant and experimental-all at the same time. Her attitude is “Less is more”.


You are originally from Italy, living in London. How does the city and its people inspire you?

I love London! Everything about it is inspirational! Being in such a multicultural environment has changed me radically and given me more freedom to express myself and therefore be more self confident. Londoner’s “open minded attitude” is constantly tickling my taste urging me to challenge myself more and more.


What do you think style is about? 

Style it’s taste. And taste it’s not something that you can learn, either you have it or you don’t.
Style is a combination of beautiful clothes with who wears them, clothes don’t sparkle if you don’t…


If style was a place it would be… 

Definetly Antwerp for me!I’d love to move there..for the atmosphere..amazing fashion scene.


And if it was a person? Who’s your style icon?

I don’t have a style icon but Tilda Swinton is amazing, she’s got class!


Your top three style essentials are…

No logo bag and accesorries
A great pair of shoes ( they make the difference!)


And your three most loved items lurking in your closet?

Can’t stop wearing my black leather rockabilly shoes!
Black sheer trouser from my SS2011 collection
A pair of Margiela shoes I bought in Hong Kong. They’re made out of see through net, beautiful!


What´s in and what´s out? 

Claudia Ligari is in! The rest is out!!!ahahaha!


Describe your perfect day:

Sleeping all day????(I wish!)
I guess on my ideal day I would wake up after a really good night sleep, shuffling into my personal walk in closet, then put on my Margiela shoes and walk off to have a croissant in some cosy cafe in the middle of  Tuscany’s countryside!!!
In a ideal world I would then go to my own studio and work on my new collection, then have an amazing dinner sitting outside in the sun. On an Ideal day I would even have TIME to spend with the people I care about the most, especially my family, we all leave in different countries so it would be great to be all together for once!


Where do you like to eat and why?

Back home…at mum’s!!!! Do you still need to know why?



What’s in your ipod?

Definetly Blonde Redhead and Deus


And finally, what is an absolute “must do” in London?

A visit to V&A museum, totally worth it!

Thank you Claudia!



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  1. all the leather piece are so amazing
    loving the model’s styling too… a very strong look!

  2. Captivating collection, I love how Claudia has played with the shape of skirts in block form and square block cutouts in the leather.

  3. fantastic feature you’ve done here. what an interesting collection this is. i really like the shorts in the first photo.
    btw. re:comment. it really is interesting.the difference of taste. i think you and me have a difference of an opinion as well. you like it a bit more raw and edgy, and im a bit too sweet for you fashion tastewise. (tell me if I’m too wrong, I’m just guessing) And then it’s always fun when we do like the same stuff. it must mean it is brilliant then right ;)

  4. amazin post

    love every single look!

  5. this is phenomenal!

  6. wonderful interview!! love the first look! :)


  7. omg all the leather makes me wanna order leather online haha

  8. yes, awesome interview! Never heard about this designer,she’s really talented! Beautiful clothes, I love the shoes in the last image.

  9. those white shorts are amaxing!!
    and the leather too… very interesting collection

  10. amazin post!
    I love tihis collection :)


  11. love how they work the cut-outs!

  12. I absolutely love reading this interview! As a girl who loves solid colors, her collection especially speaks to me! And she’s right, confidence what makes and outfit! xoxoxoxoo

  13. Looved this interview to pieces, so talented! I am utterly in love with the white shorts! Santorini was amaaazing, so funny you thought of going there aswell! Did you like Holland? I love it there:D


  14. This collection is fascination. The cut-outs really absorb the eye, drawing attention and wonderment.

  15. What an amazing lady, and I love her first top style essential, my kind of girl :)

  16. I really enjoy your interwies. I love her collection very minimal with statement pieces the las jacket is beyond amazing! x

  17. First of all I have to congrat you on this amazing and very interesting interview! I really enjozed reding it! Second, the collection is fabulous!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  18. wow such architectural pieces! so pure! i am completely in love with the army green leather pants! smashing

  19. This collection is wonderful, such an amazing set of looks! Really like that leather shirt too :)
    Great interview!

  20. Thanks for posting the interview! I’m not a huge fan of all the looks, but some of them are really great :)

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