I saw this editorial and I died a little…


What is your favourite piece? I love every single item but I am especially crushing over the MFP mask.


Photographer | Marc Hibbert

Styling | Ksenia Dubenska

Make-up | Stella Shim

Models | Hirschy @ Select & Amelia @ FM

Layout | Rebecca Hawkes


Featuring pieces from Maria Francesca Pepe, Lina Osterman, Gabriella Marina Gonzalez and many more.


© Volt Cafè

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  1. Dear Santa,

    I have been very good this year. Please can I have all of the above? Or, if it’s too heavy for Rudolph to carry, I’ll settle for the dress and studded jacket.

    Lots of love,

    Lisa xx

  2. Amazing! so fashion forward! All of them are soooo good! the mask, the leg harness and the shoulder piece are pretty amazing too! and of coures the jacket!!

  3. yess that mariafrancescapepe mask is so amazing
    I think I saw it already on your blog, right? some other editorial maybe?

  4. wobblinbetty says:

    yes Isabel…you’re right! you saw the mask in this editorial the 10th victim

  5. I could never decide what my favourite piece is! They’re all so brilliant. I think I’ll bookmark this post for future inspiration :)

  6. shiiiiiit this is cool

  7. ooooh geee, SO MUCH nice stuff! Especially love the earpiece !

    xoxo Despite Color

  8. Those are some pretty fantastic fishnet detailing! I die too! xoxoxoo

  9. Love… Very cool and clean. Like a grungy (cooler) Calvin Klein!

  10. Black and silver are the BESTS.
    And creepers too.


  11. I love these accessories! and the ear-piece in the 1st image, it’s fabulous!!!

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