Today’s mood: black&white + a drop of pink


Hello sweeties! How are you doing this Monday? Whilst I’m still recovering from Milan Fashion Week parties let’s kick off the week with a few of shots from one of my fav photographers, Hugh Lippe. I gotta love the pink one because right now I am working on some graphics in that exact shade of pink…

Have a fab week ahead!

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  1. woow. again.. thanks for sharing! :o

  2. It was a long way to get to the pink though haha! Have a good week, you too! :D

  3. fabulous pictures. was wondering about the pink :)

  4. It’s a tasty shade of PINK! hope it provides you great inspiration for the graphics your working on.

  5. great pictures, love it!!


  6. some fantastic shots here. thanks for sharing. and i just freakin love that first piece. WANT that outfit.

  7. i gotta tell you i saw the title and then i was like wheres the pink hahhah
    i found it socool the 1 photo i love
    yeah new jewlery tomorrow !!

  8. I thought the window in the last shot was a canadian flag
    got a little too excited, hahahaa

    great collection of images though
    love the fringe

  9. god i love this

  10. Love these photos–the last one of course is the best!

  11. So erotic and lovely! wonderful! I love b&w photos. xx

  12. i always play basketball panti-less!

    these are great!!

  13. These are great. Usually am not the one for urban landscapes (or landscapes in general) but the one above is pure art. Haven’t seen such a great image in a while. Also I think the model in the snow is pretty amazing too.


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